Glo Pal Restock l: New Look, Eco-Friendly Upgrades, and Interactive Playtime!

by Bailey Bouwman

🌟 Drumroll, please! The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived – Glo Pals are back at Nest & Sprout, and they've undergone a stunning transformation! 

Say hello to the new and improved Glo Pals collection, featuring a fresh look and exciting features that will light up playtime like never before. Our all time best seller, we think you'll love the new faces and be just as excited for water play in 2024.  

PS. We did order the entire collection, but half is on backorder. Expect more cubes, and characters by the end of the month. 

🌍 Glo Pals have taken a giant leap towards sustainability!

Their patented light-up cubes are now crafted from 100% recycled plastic, aligning with our commitment to protect the planet. AND, character packaging is designed with 75% less plastic, allowing you to enjoy the magic of Glo Pals while contributing to a greener future. Cubes can be recycled like button batteries --- when we relocate, I'm going to look into applying to be a recycling destination. 

At Glo Pals HQ, they believe playtime is not just fun but also an opportunity for learning – enter 'playtime perks'! Glo Pals are intentionally designed to captivate your child's senses, supporting sensory development through exploration, problem-solving, and creativity. Discover free printables, sensory play ideas, and purposeful playtime activities on the Glo Pal blog, and let the learning and laughter commence!

Ready to embark on a journey of discovery and play the Glo Pals way?

Click here to explore the new look, eco-friendly upgrades, and interactive playtime possibilities! Your little one's senses are waiting to be captivated, and the adventure begins with Glo Pals.

Here's a few of our favourite indoor activities to do with your Glo Pals. 

Shop now at Nest & Sprout and let the glowing fun commence!

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