Glo Pals Adventures Beyond Bath Time: Unleash the Magic Indoors!

by Bailey Bouwman

As the summer sun shines brightly, so do the endless opportunities for imaginative play and sensory exploration with Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes! These liquid-activated wonders have already added a splash of magic to bath time, but their enchanting glow doesn't stop there.

We are big Glo Pal fans, but because of our sky light it's not nearly the same dark bath time disco party - but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the creativity and joy of Glo Pals light up cubes. 

To help you get started on finding new ways to enjoy Glo Pals we've rounded up our favourite activities. I've provided a link to the Glo Pals website where you can find step-by-step guidelines for each of these ideas. 

Activity #1: "Light-Up Cubes STEAM Fun"

Create magical Rainbow Fizzies with Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes using a muffin tin, baking soda, vinegar, glitter, and colorful silicone cups. Watch the captivating chemical reaction unfold, producing a fizzy rainbow of CO2 bubbles as the vinegar reacts with the baking soda, all while enjoying the glowing spectacle of the Glo Pals.

Activity #2: "Blizzard in a Bottle Sensory Play".

Using Glo Light-Up Cubes, glitter, sequins, ice cubes, water beads, and more, pre-fill sensory bottles with water and set up a blizzard filler tray for an exciting playtime. Watch their fine motor skills shine as they scoop and fill their bottles with the blizzard elements of their choice, engaging their senses in this magical indoor activity

Activity #3: "Magical Sensory Bin Journey"

Let your child's senses soar as they scoop and pour, touching, seeing, and hearing the wonders of the Glo Pals, glitter, and more. This immersive experience helps build neural connections, fine motor skills, and language development through the power of play.

You might consider adding a play silk to your sensory tables - or embracing a million other ways to play with Sarah's Silks. 

Activity #4: "DIY Firefly in a Jar"

With the help of Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes, little ones can bring the magical glow of fireflies indoors. Watch their faces light up as they create their very own glowing firefly lantern using simple materials like recycled baby food jars, glitter, and water. 

This is the perfect time to bring your lovey's for a teddy bear picnic!

Glo Pals Adventures Beyond Bath Time: Unleash the Magic Indoors!

 At Nest & Sprout, we believe that playtime should be filled with wonder, imagination, and endless learning opportunities. With Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes, you can unleash the magic both indoors and outdoors. 

Shop our collection of Glo Pals and other exciting toys and games at Nest & Sprout, your one-stop destination for enriching play experiences. Bring home the magic of Glo Pals and watch as your child's eyes light up with joy and fascination.

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