Consignor Policy

Consignor Policy

Picking up items that do not sell is your responsibility. If you do not wish items to be considered abandoned and become the property of Nest & Sprout, you will need to arrange pick up by the listed date provided at the end of your contract by contacting 

  • We accept 20 items at a time in good, like new condition. See condition guidelines. 
  • We accept items in season, with winter collection beginning in August, and summer collecting in January of each respective year. 
  • We are only accepting children's clothing at this time. 

By consigning items at Nest & Sprout you agree to the following policies. Monitoring and maintaining your account is your responsibility - you can follow along by logging into your vendor portal. 

  1. You choose the length of your consignment contract - 12 weeks, 6 Months or 1 Year. At the end of the contract, all items expire and become property of Nest & Sprout. You will have the opportunity to pick up any items that do not sell.

  2. Nest & Sprout is responsible for pricing items. You will receive a follow up email when your items are all available in the online portal, and listed online. In order to find out if items have sold or if you have items to pick up, you can log into the consignor portal via your email address. We do not notify you for each sale.

  3. All prices are determined by the (new) retail price, current condition, and salability. Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price upon sale. You will have the choice to take 40% as an electronic money transfer, or 40% + 10% as store credit to use with Nest & Sprout. 

  4. A fee of 1.00 - 2.00 will apply to any items that need to be cleaned.

  5. At this time we do not accept play condition clothing, but will accept it in the future. Policy around that will be included here.

  6. Consignment items not sold within 60% of their term may be marked down up to 20-50% off. All items may be reduced up to 20% for promotional sale offerings. There is no guarantee of sale. Nest & Sprout reserves the right to put items on sale. After your term, all expired unsold/ not picked up items will be considered abandoned and/or funds from the sale of expired items will be given to charity.

  7. Nest & Sprout reserves the right to reduce the price of any item due to any previously unnoticed flaws and/or damage. Any item accepted for consignment that is found to have any previously unnoticed flaws and/or damage will automatically be reduced in price and if unsellable will become the property of Nest & Sprout and be donated to charity without notice.

  8. Consignment accounts which have been completely inactive for 1.5 years will be cleared of sales from our database.

  9. Drop offs need to be in a box or tote labeled with your full name, and contact information. Location of drop off will be provided after the agreed upon terms and conditions form. 

  10. Changes to this policy and guidelines will happen when we move into a new brick and mortar location 

Liability: We do not assume responsibility nor do we reimburse for loss or damage due to fire, theft, or for any other reason. All risk of ownership of consigned items shall stay with the consignor.

If you are dropping off for donation, do not fill out a form. Contact us for delivery address. Same conditions apply. 40% will be donated to a local charity supporting the community such as the Elizabeth Fry Society, Fire Pit Cultural Drop In Centre, Child Development Centre, and others. If you have a recommendation, please suggest it. From time to time, we may call for charity conversations in store and on social media. 

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