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    Introducing the Enchanting World of Olli Ella: Elevate Your Child's Play with Dinkum Dolls and Holdie Folk in Canada!

    Step into a world of timeless elegance and playful wonders with our exclusive Olli Ella Collection, thoughtfully selected for Canadian parents who seek the finest for their little ones. At Nest & Sprout, we take pride in curating products that align with your family's values and needs. Olli Ella, a Certified B Corporation, embodies everything we stand for - sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and quality that lasts for generations.



    We can ship Dinkum Dolls, Holdie, and many more items from Olli Ella.

    However, shipping in Canada is cumbersome and expensive for small shops. We therefore do not ship oversize or large items like baskets. We have in the past, but this cost us money. We welcome you to shop with us in Prince George, BC if you are in the area.

    From time to time, we will offer preorders on products we know are arriving at our boutique location. This is an opportunity for you to secure Olli Ella in Canada, without having to look international.

    We will ship as soon as we can - preorders are only offered on products that have shipped and are enroute.

    No. At this time, Olli Ella is only for Canadian customers and the content is limited by IP address.