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    Summer Car Seat Covers
    Petite Coulou
    Side view of an infant car seat cover with the colour green
    Hands gently tug on the back adjuster that snugs the carseat cover to the infant carseat. The carseat is int he green colour
    3 Seasons Car Seat Cover | Olive Green
    Petite Coulou

    Discover a curated selection featuring Petit Coulou's innovative products—crafted by the renowned Quebec-based expert in car seat covers and stroller accessories.

    Founded in 2006, Petit Coulou's covers feature semi-rigid rods for optimal support, an "IGLOO EFFECT" to maintain internal temperature, and a design that ensures excellent air circulation. Trusted by parents worldwide, Petit Coulou is the go-to for families seeking comfort, safety, and adaptability in outdoor adventures.

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