Nest & Sprout

Where Quality Meets Community on Your Parenting Journey.

Empowering Parenthood, Building Sustainable Communities.

Nest & Sprout is your community-driven destination for sustainable and inclusive parenting solutions in Prince George, BC. We carefully curate a collection of brands and products that align with our values, providing knowledge, comfort, and access to innovative resources, while actively promoting diversity and equity within the industry.

Locally owned maternity and baby store in Prince George by a mom of two

Our Story: Filling the Gap in Maternity and Baby Shopping in Prince George, BC

It all started back in 2019 when Rachelle launched Nest & Sprout as an online-only store. With a passion for serving her community, she hustled and attended local events and markets, spreading the love for our carefully curated maternity clothing.

Fast forward to 2021, and that's when Bailey, the ultimate mama boss, stepped in and took the reins of this wonderful business. With her years of experience as a mom blogger, cloth diaper educator, and social media guru, she saw the incredible potential and couldn't resist being part of the Nest & Sprout adventure.

Our mission has always been to connect with our customers on a personal level, making you feel seen, supported, and part of a community.

That's why we've expanded our offerings beyond maternity wear. We're here to serve you through every stage of your parenting journey, from those precious newborn days to when your little ones become big kids - my oldest is turning 8!

Our handpicked selection includes the latest and greatest brands, making sure you have access to the coolest, most reliable products in the market.

So, whether you've been with us since the early days or you've just discovered Nest & Sprout, we're thrilled to have you on this journey with us.

Together, we'll continue to grow, evolve, and create a haven for all your maternity, baby, and children's needs - focusing on functional, sustainable basics for your growing family.

Our Values

Community - At Nest & Sprout, we are passionate about creating a safe and welcoming space where you can freely learn, ask questions, and explore the latest trends and products to support your baby journey. Through our engaging presence on social media, we strive to connect with you in unique and meaningful ways, providing valuable insights and fostering a vibrant community of parents.

Knowledge - Our utmost priority is empowering you to make a well-informed choice through your parenting journey. As a local maternity and baby boutique, we go beyond just providing products; we are committed to ensuring you have a deep understanding of how to effectively use and care for them. Your confidence and peace of mind matter to us, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Sustainability - We prioritize longevity, durability, and sustainable values in our product offerings. As a fashion boutique, we curate our collections with long-term sustainability in mind, actively considering textiles, overstock, and sizing.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity - We recognize the privilege within the baby industry and understand the impact of your spending choices. That's why we actively seek to collaborate with vendors who share our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Our Vision

Nest & Sprout builds community focused in sustainability, inclusion, and empowerment in the parenting community of Prince George, BC and beyond. We curate a collection of maternity, baby, and children's brands and products that align with our values, meet parenting trends, and provide unexpected solutions to modern parenting in beautiful and creative ways.