Plus Size Maternity Clothes

by Bailey Bouwman
Sometimes our breastfeeding friendly tags go missing, so when that happens you can take a look around the store and check out the accessibility of tops. These styles of clothing apply to almost any store, and you can go visit other stores in Pine Center Mall with this in mind. 


Shopping for a larger body during pregnancy and postpartum is even more challenging.  Nest & Sprout does carry a small selection of plus-size maternity clothing to help everyone feel comfortable during this time.

We will be the first to admit that our selection is limited. It's very hard to source and supply plus-size maternity and breastfeeding clothing. A few brands carry sizing up to a 2XL, and where possible we like to bring that in for you to try on and bring home.

But we do have a few essential items that can help you expand your wardrobe and have something to wear during that next event, office day, or perhaps a class at Framework Fitness. 

Help us continue to bring in extended sizes in maternity, breastfeeding, and postpartum clothing by shopping with Nets & Sprout Maternity online or in store at Pine Centre Mall in Prince George, BC.

Extended Size Maternity Brands

We currently have three brands that we consistently stock maternity and nursing clothes in plus-sizes in our Prince George location. This includes Ripe Maternity, Cadenshae, and Bedondine. When shopping, you can check out these collections to see if your size was made available.

Unfortunately, one of our most popular collections of Hello Miz is limited in their sizing, but some of their stretchier items can fit a little larger if you love a snug pregnancy fit. Do you know a maternity brand offering plus sizes or extended size range? Let us know, we'd love to see if it's a good fit for our shop. 

Ripe Maternity

Ripe Maternity carries extended maternity sizing in many of their collections and items. We've brought in their overalls and denim in a XXL. Ripe Denim is incredible. It offers a low waist band that is adaptable to changing waist lines. We find that second-time parents prefer this low belly over the full coverage options. 

Bailey, who wears a XXL, or a size 16-18, finds the Ripe Maternity is fairly true to size in its sizing. It's not overly generous. Her favourite fit is the Ripe Maternity overalls which are just smashing. 

I know these standard size models just look like these items aren't going to work for you, but they will. Come into our shop and try them. We won't pressure you to buy anything that doesn't fit or make you feel comfortable. 


We have shared all the reasons we love Cadenshae before, and one of them continues to be their extended sizing. We were even able to bring a 3XL in our most recent shipping of product. That's right, you can try on a 3XL Nursing Top in Prince George. This gorgeous long-sleeve rose shirt won't last for long!

Cadenshae extended sizing is available in their tops, including their breastfeeding hoodie and nursing bra's. And if you need a bra with a plus-size cup, we have that too!  Then Cadenshae Whisper Luxe Bra is available in cup sizes H to J giving you the comfort and support you need postpartum


Bendondine is a Canadian maternity and nursing clothing company we've been carrying for several years. This locally manufacturer is available in an XL and XXL. What we love most about the Bendondine is that their clothing is a looser fit and cut that is often more comfortable for those who aren't looking for a skin-tight fit.

Many of the Bendonine nursing tops were designed with larger busted people in mind. These items might give you that extra comfort you're looking for. But for those of you who need more than a XXL, we have a small selection of maternity jeans available into a size 26 that can give you some comfort through your pregnancy.
Bonus; you might find a few of these tops on our clearance rack in store. That's right plus-size maternity in Prince George, on clearance only available at our Pine Centre location for a limited time.

Don't forget a Coat Extender

Coat extenders are for all sizes and help everyone transition into the warmer winter weather with comfort. Our coat extenders work with a variety of zippered coats giving you the extra room as your belly grows, and your baby. These coat extenders are the perfect addition to any maternity wardrobe and versatile in postpartum for baby wearing parents.

Our favourite Plus-Size Maternity Outfits

We pulled together a few of our favourite XXL items to create a few plus-size maternity outfits for you to consider. Items are going fast!.

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Keep it Casual

Mix & match Cadenshae top or hoodie with a Ripe denim for the ultimate casual plus size pregnancy outfit that takes you from home to school drop, and back to the grocery store.

These essential items will grow and change with you, making them perfect for pregnancy and post-partum. Ripe Denim offers a unique sizing to ensure you'll still love them post partum. 

Go to work

Yes, let us help you look your best at work with our collection of plus-size maternity work wear. A small collection of XXL maternity dress pants, and a few skirts, provide you with the ability to look ready for work, no matter your size or pregnancy.

This outfit is paired with our Skeena Denim available in a size 24, and a Bendonine top. 

A few more must-have items

Maternity clothes can be hard to find, which is why we've worked hard to bring maternity to Northern BC with our Nest & Sprout location. Finding plus-size options is even harder. Stop into our store to browse our selection, and try on the pieces we do have. 

Here's a few more items we've carried in the past that are offered in a XXL, or might have in store. Be sure to stop by and check out the clearance racks for a few more last chance items. 

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