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by Bailey Bouwman

It’s happening! The first shipment of Cadenshae has arrived at Nest & Sprout Maternity headquarters in Prince George, BC. We are so excited to be expanding our collection and offering more athletic maternity and breastfeeding clothes to the shop. Bringing Cadenshae to Northern BC as an option for expecting Canadian parents has been a thrill. This brand has been on my dream list for years and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in today’s blog post.  

Cadenshae is a New Zealand based company that manufacturers maternity and nursing clothing. I typically try to stock Canadian maternity clothes as possible, sometimes I just have to bring in incredible international brands to offer a full range of sustainable and ethical maternity clothing. 

6 Reasons We Love Cadenshae

Founded in 2015 by Adam & Nicki, Cadenshae features a unique line up of maternity and nursing clothes. What draws me to this brand is their unique approach to manufacturing and design. Gone is the pressure of fast fashion and quickly evolving styles, and here to stay is the embrace of slow fashion culture to create clothing that is timeless, comfortable, and perfect for your changing lifestyle. 

  • Ethical Code of Practice
  • Social Responsibility
  • Embraces Slow Fashion
  • Designed for Moms By a Mom
  • Versatile & Multipurpose Clothing
  • All Day Comfort

Ethical Code of Practice for Manufacturing

This might not be the first thing you look for when shopping for maternity clothing, but it is on our radar and it’s something about Cadenshae that we absolutely admire. This brand focuses on manufacturing clothes in a way that care for people and the environment

Since the dream was born, Cadenshae works with suppliers and factories to develop a sound Ethical Code of Practice. This ensures a fair living wage, safety at work, environmental practices and more that aligned to industry standards. Cadenshae is dedicated to developing sound relationships with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that everyone is supported.  

Social Responsibility

Cadenshae’s dedication to social sustainability doesn’t end with building positive relationships with manufacturing but is extended to charities across the world including in New Zealand, Australia, United States and Canada.

As part of a move in 2018, Cadenshae supports charities that support the health and well-being of new parents and young families including La Leche League – Canada. Social sustainability is close to my heart as I work to build a business that can also give back to the community that we operate in.

Embrace Slow Fashion 

The fashion industry thrives on bringing you multiple clothing seasons every year. This means fashion trends come and go, quicker than most of us can keep up. The constant product of low-cost low-quality clothing is a pressure felt by many brands in the high paced fashion culture. Twenty-first century fashion is designed on planned obsolescence.

Cadenshae says no to that model of fast fashion.

They opt for a slower fashion cycle to ensure that the clothing it brings is designed to last and be versatile staple in your maternity wardrobe. By making smaller runs of high-quality apparel and skipping out on a new seasonal line up they help reduce the environmental impact of fashion while providing you with high quality versatile pieces. This model means that products rarely go on sale, and we don’t over produce clothing that is not sought after.  

You might not find Cadenshae on sale or in the clearance section - but here's a few other tips to help you build a maternity wardrobe on a budget. 

Designed By A Mom for Moms

Nicki is a mom of 5 that continues to bring styles designed for the bodies of new moms, and moms of 5. might not feel important, but if you’ve ever tried maternity clothing that was obviously never test-run by a mom before being put on the sale rack, you know what I mean. Nicki knows that as a mom, we all deserve to look and feel our best.

The clothing options designed by Cadenshae truly reflect that and provide you with a wide array of different options to support you in parenting. We are excited to bring to you a selection of bras and shirts available in XS to XXL and would love to help ensure you get the right size you need.

The great thing about Cadenshae shirts is that they are an adaptable clothing item perfect for maternity to postpartum. To learn when you should start buying maternity clothes, check out this blog post.

Versatile & Multipurpose Clothing

As part of the war on fast fashion, Cadenshae clothing is designed to be versatile and timeless. These are classic wardrobe pieces that you can wear at Framework Fitness, to the grocery store, and then back home again in your home office. We hope that you will feel comfortable dressing up the tanks with a cardigan for work.

The best part: bras and shirts are designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Cadenshae nursing bras are the best choice for when you need to transition into a larger more comfortable bra – usually around the second and third trimester. They also provide all day comfort and ease of use with their pop clip drop-down tops.

The shirts and hoodies are a little longer, a little looser and will grow with your growing belly. After pregnancy, Cadenshae tops are perfect choice for breastfeeding providing you with easy access to the breasts – learn more about why breastfeeding clothes are special.

Nobody will even know that you’re wearing a nursing top with easy armhole access on shirts and tanks, and discreet zippered access on longer shirts. This unique style of breastfeeding access provides you with even more comfort – no longer do you have to feel like your singled out by a shelf or weird gap in your clothing. These items are designed with you in mind.

All Day Comfort

I know we shared that the New Genes Leggings are a maternity must-havebecause of their all-day comfort – but so is Cadenshae. These nursing bras are one of the most comfortable investments you’ll make for your changing breasts.

We love how Cadenshae designs clothes that don’t stick to you and that cover all the wobbly bits. You will feel comfortable all day as you chase your toddler at 9 months pregnant. Or as comfortable as one can feel.

Most of their clothing is designed to be lightweight and perfect for layering and changing bodies. Cadenshae choose clothing with stretch and length to adapt to pregnancy and postpartum. This isn’t just a shirt. It is a shirt that you can wear through your pregnancy, at the hospital, during postpartum and until your next pregnancy.

Sizing Tip: larger busted humans may want to consider going up a size for extra armhole space when considering a tank or t-shirt. Learn more about their sizing guide, or reach out direct for assistance from Rachelle, owner of Nest & Sprout Maternity.

It's a Breastfeeding Must-Have

And fits pregnant bellies, so buy it today when you're pregnant and wear it for months to come as an essential maternity item.

Earlier this month when we talked about building the perfect maternity wardrobe, we identified that you just needed a few essential pieces and Cadenshae deserves to be one of those essentials. These items are built with love to take you from maternity to post-partum all while be comfortable, stylish and good for the planet.

Nest & Sprout Maternity now has Cadenshae in stock. Order it today for pick up in Prince George, or we can ship to you across Canada.

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