Have you tried our denim?

by Bailey Bouwman

There's something about a warm fall day that just says, denim please. For many of us, our pre-pregnancy denim doesn't fit.For some parents, adding a belly band allows them to continue to wear their favourite jeans or pants throughout their pregnancy and into post partum.

Or Purchase a Pair of Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans are designed to accommodate growing bellies and changing bodies. They come in a variety of styles, brands, and shapes with different features. 

Some feature a full belly panel, some feature adjustable panels, some feature short panels. The best one for you is the one you feel comfortable in. That full belly panel can give you the compression you love, or too much warmth. Short belly panels are perfect for sitting under baby's belly when you don't want that extra compression.

Maternity Denim Fav: Ripe Denim

You gotta try it on because you'll fall in love with our collection of Ripe Denim.

Ripe features adjustable waist on their pants. It's adjusted with a button elastic feature much like children's pants. This is fantastic for both pregnancy and postpartum (because some bodies take time, and that's okay). They also have a beautiful side panel, and short tummy panel. These features give the jeans more versatility and allow them to continue to be your favourite pair of jeans postpartum. 

They are my favourite in store, and I'm debating picking up a pair to wear on my next shift at our Pine Centre Location (Bailey).

Not only is the waist adjustable on the Ripe Maternity Jeans, but the denim is oh so soft and perfectly instil. We love how Ripe Maternity is bringing modern looks to maternity fashion. 

Bonus: Ripe Maternity Jeans are available in XXL - fitting bodies up to a size 18/20!

More Maternity Denim

Nest & Sprout features a few other favourite denim brands including Tala, Bedonine, and Elly Beautiful Jeans. These jeans are available in a variety of sizes and styles in our Pine Centre Location. They provide you with an option to be comfortable at home, work, or play. 

Bedondine Jeans provide a full belly panel giving you that comfort all day long. Belly panels are great for cold bellies, or if you're worried your shirt isn't long enough. They are also fantastic choice post partum because you can reduce the exposed skin (comfort) if breastfeeding, and help you feel still together - it's kind of hard to describe, but sometimes in post partum, you just feel like you want a full coverage high waisted pant and a belly panel does the job.

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