Where are the Maternity Winter Coats?

by Bailey Bouwman

During our first week at Pine Centre Mall, we had so many customers asking us "do you have maternity winter coats?" And the unfortunate answer is not really.

For us Canadians, a winter coat is used for a good portion of the year, every year, for years to come. However, in pregnancy, winter coats are for a brief moment in time.  Part of the philosophy at Nest & Sprout is to ensure that products serve a purpose and a valuable one that is sustainable for your family. 

We took a look at bringing in winter coats, but the selection available is expensive and maybe not the best choice for many of our customers here in Prince George. Don't worry, we have a few tips & tricks to ensure you stay cozy during your winter pregnancy and postpartum period.

Best Choice: Belly Extenders

BellyFit Universal Jacket Extender takes your favourite winter coat and extends it to fit over growing bellies and babies. 

We know a good winter coat is expensive, and a maternity winter coat even more so. Simply zippering in an extender allows you to get a second life out of your every-day jacket collection and feel warm and comfortable through your pregnancy. You don't even have to give up your fashion taste and preferences.

The Extender Kit features a universal zip adapter, soft-shell extender, removable fleece layer, and is  made for Canadians with Canadian materials. 

Bonus: the Belly Fit Universal Jacket Extender can be flipped so that you can wear your coat over a baby carrier. This will keep you and your newborn babe warm and cozy throughout the seasons on walks and errands.

3 More ways to keep your bump warm this winter

Extenders don't work with all jackets and for all people. For some families it's not the best choice. Here's a few other ways to keep your baby bump warm this winter.

  • Embrace the Scarf
  • Borrow a Jacket from a friend or partner
  • Add layers and more

Embrace the Scarf

Scarves can add a valuable layer extending down the front of your body to keep you and your bump warm. Wearing the coat you already love to wear, simply layer scarfs to keep you and your body warm. The best part about the scarf is it gives you some flexibility in tackling hot flashes/

Borrow a Jacket

Perhaps the most thrifty of solutions, many of us prefer to borrow a jacket from our partner or friends during our pregnancy. 

Mens jackets can provide for an extra roomy fit over belly and bump. There might be an extra one lurking in your closet. These can be a great way to keep the body warm and the price low. Ask around to see if someone can lend you one for a few months. 

Layers, all the layers

Strategic layers can be another easy way to  stay warm. A combo of stretchy cardigans, hoodies, and sweaters can help you navigate through winter months. Bailey calls this her dress like an onion strategy.  

The Cadenshae Hoodie is one of our favourite maternity items. Its got room for bellies and boobs, helping you transition from pregnancy to postpartum, while giving you that ultimate comfort. 

But I really wanted a maternity winter coat

Unfortunately, we don't have any in stock. If it's something you'd love to see us bring in, reach out to chat with Rachelle about options.

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