How to Consign with Us

Welcome to the Nest & Sprout Family!

Congratulations on your exciting journey into parenthood! At Nest & Sprout, we understand that your little one is growing fast, and keeping up with their changing needs can be both thrilling and challenging. That's why we've created a seamless consignment process to help you navigate the world of preloved baby and kids' items. Here's a step-by-step guide to consigning with us:

Step 1: Explore Our Guidelines

Before diving into the consignment process, familiarize yourself with our safety and quality standards. We prioritize items that meet safety regulations, are in good condition, and align with our brand and design criteria. We reserve the right to say no, and choose items for consignment.  You may also want to review the Consignment Contract and Policy.

Yes No Maybe
Products you have purchased at Nest & Sprout or other children's boutiques/small brands - including European brands and Outdoor Brands. George, Joe Fresh, Nevada, The Children's Place, Cherokee, Simply Basic, and other similiar

Carters, Oshkosh, H&M, Zara, Baby Gap, and other Department Store Brands

Shirts, Dresses, Pants Socks & Underwear Swimsuits
Products with Tags Products with rips or broken zippers Paint or Ink Stains (Play Condition)
Premie, Newborn to Size 12Y
and Maternity Clothing
Non Maternity Adult Clothing


Curious about condition terminology? Check out our Consignment Condition Guidelines.

Step 2: Prepare Your Items

Gather the baby and kids' items you'd like to consign.

Ensure they are freshly cleaned and meet our condition criteria. Ask yourself - would I buy this preloved? If so, button buttons, zip zippers, and fold neatly to bring into the shop. We are currently accepting 20 items per family per month. 

Specialty and seasonal requests fall outside the limit. For example, we may ask for snowsuits in December, and you can bring these alongside your 20 item limit.

We do accept Play Condition Boutique Brands --- those products that have so much paint or pen mark to no longer be good condition, but have vibrancy to live another life. Instead of recycling these items, we can buy them for a reduced amount and sell them in our Play Condition section.

Step 3: Register for Consignment  & Sign the Contract

Ready to consign? Great! Register for consignment. If this is your first time, you’ll need to review our Consignment contract. You can accept and sign it online, or we will do it in store upon arrival. 

For access to your account, register your name and email in this portal. You'll be able to track your items.

Step 4: Drop off your items

Stop by the store to drop off your items! Please bring them in a clearly labeled bag or box. We don’t read minds and will need to know this. We’ll confirm a few details with you, and then review the items for the shop.

Depending on availability, we may take up to 7 days to review consignment drop offs.

Need pick up of your items? Pickup services are available upon request and dependent on availability. Alternative drop off locations are available and can also be negotiated.

You have a few choices at drop off to consider. You can choose the length of your term, 12 weeks, 6 Months, or 1 Year. 

You can also choose to have your items returned to you or donated at the end of your term. You will receive 7 days to pick up any refused items, otherwise they will be the property of Nest & Sprout and we reserve the right to donate or resell. 

Step 5: Cash or Bonus Store Credit? You Decide!

At Nest & Sprout, we want you to benefit from your consignment experience. Choose between receiving cash or store credit with a bonus. When you’ve accumulated at least $10 in sales, you will be able to choose cash or store credit. We pay 40% in cash, or 50% in store credit. Cash sales will be e-transferred upon request, and maybe subject to a service fee. 

Step 6: Do it again! 

Every month you can bring us 20 items. Or watch our social media channels for special requests and seasonal needs. 


We're thrilled to have you as part of the Nest & Sprout family. If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for choosing Nest & Sprout for your consignment needs. Together, let's create a world where preloved treasures find new homes and continue to bring joy to growing families!

Maternity & Kids Consignment

At Nest & Sprout, we believe in the power of preloved – where each piece carries memories and a shared commitment to making parenting a little greener.
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