Nest & Sprout Consignment Quality Assurance Standards

At Nest & Sprout, we are committed to providing an exceptional consignment experience for our valued customers. Our stringent quality assurance standards ensure that every item in our maternity, baby, and kids' collection meets the highest benchmarks in safety, cleanliness, and overall condition.

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Safety Compliance: All items adhere to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act requirements and industry guides for resale of children's products. We do not accept items with known safety recalls, ensuring the utmost safety for your little ones. Things we look for include: sleepwear standards, drawstring standards, and labels.

Condition Guidelines: Products must be in good condition, free from excessive wear or damage. We evaluate items based on cleanliness and consider play condition pieces with unique character. Our commitment extends to environmentally conscious practices by rescuing items from potential landfill disposal.

Brand and Design Criteria: We curate the cutest and most unique boutique clothing items for children. From renowned brands like Tea Collection to local favorites, our collection embodies style and quality. We do prefer small shop brands, and will consider larger brands like Gap and Zara, but do reserve the right to refuse items and choose accordingly.

Transparency and Honesty: Consignors play a crucial role in maintaining our standards by providing accurate information about item condition and history. We encourage sharing unique features that enhance the appeal of your preloved items.

Buy Out and Consignment Options: We offer consignment on all maternity and children's clothing items. The split is 40% for you the consignor, and 60% for Nest & Sprout. We may change our offering for different products and customers. You will have the option to choose cash, or store credit with bonus. Consignment periods vary, catering to your preferences. We look forward to offering Buy Out in the future. 

Periodic Review: Our quality assurance standards undergo regular reviews to align with the latest safety and quality guidelines. We are committed to delivering a trustworthy and reliable consignment experience.

Your contract will include additional details and specifics regarding how we manage your items.

By adhering to these comprehensive quality assurance standards, Nest & Sprout aims to exceed your expectations, ensuring that every preloved item contributes to a boutique consignment experience you can trust.

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