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Welcome to our Consignment Corner

Nest & Sprout has always been more than a store; it's a haven for families seeking thoughtful choices for their little ones. With a commitment to sustainability woven into our ethos, we're excited to curate a collection of preloved clothes for the community.

At Nest & Sprout, we believe in the power of preloved – where each piece carries memories and a shared commitment to making parenting a little greener.

Cherished Finds, Unmatched Value

Shop an exclusive collection of gently used boutique brands to discover unique and cherished pieces for your families closet.

Effortless Shopping

Say goodbye to the hassle of scouring multiple places for the perfect kids' essentials. We're dedicated to maternity and children's clothing.

Earn While You Declutter

Clear out your closets, contribute to sustainability, and receive 40% cash for every sale. It's a win-win – declutter your space and boost
your budget!

Ready, Set, Drop Off!

We are officially collecting items for consignment. We are looking for children's boutique brands in an assortment of sizes, good to new condition only.

More to options to come when we move into a brick and mortar.

Consignment Made Easy at Nest & Sprout

Your 6-Step Guide

Consign with Us


We accept mid-to-high-end new or gently used maternity, baby, and kids' clothing and gear. Check our guidelines for specific

A: Freshly laundered and folded items ensure a positive
shopping experience for our customers.

Clean and neatly presented items
not only adhere to our quality standards but also make the consignment process smoother.

It allows us to efficiently review, photograph, and display the items, maintaining the overall cleanliness and organization of our store. This attention to detail contributes to a welcoming environment for shoppers and enhances the resale value of your preloved items.

We appreciate your efforts in presenting items in the best
possible condition for our community

A: We currently accept up to 20 items per family per month.

Specialty and seasonal items may fall outside this limit. Follow our social media for these announcements.

A: At this time, we focus on clothing and shoes. We will update our pages should this change and be expanded to include other items. 

A: Items not meeting guidelines may be returned to you or donated at your request. We will try to catch these items before you leave, otherwise you will be contacted to arrange pick up. We request timely pick up, and will donate or dispose of items if forfeited. Disposal may be required for items outside safety standards or recalls.

A: The base price for consignment items is typically set at 25-30% of the original retail price.

This ratio provides a fair and competitive starting point for our pricing. We take into account factors such as brand, style, and condition when establishing the base price.

Our goal is to strike a balance that benefits both consignors and shoppers, ensuring a steady flow of quality preloved items at reasonable prices within our community.

A: Register for consignment on our website. If it's your first time, review and sign the consignment contract online or in-store.

Consignor Policies

A: Bring your items in a labeled bag or box to the store. You’ll be asked to fill out a simple Consignment Form to confirm name and contact information. We aim to review with you in shop, but may take up to 7 days to do a review and process. Contact us about drop off times if you’d like to ensure everything is good before leaving. 

All items must be dropped off during store hours. Do not leave anything at the door. For after hours drop offs email or reach out on social media. 

Choose from term options of 12 weeks, 6 months, or 1 year. Decide whether you want your items returned or forfeited at the end of the term.

A: Once your sales accumulate to at least $10, you can choose between 40% cash or 40% +10% store credit with a bonus. Cash sales can be e-transferred upon request, and may incur a $1.50 service charge if being requested prior to the end of a term.

You can log into your account to monitor your sales.

A: Absolutely! You can bring up to 20 items every month. Keep an eye on our social media for special requests or seasonal needs.

A: We're here to help! Feel free to reach out to us at We're thrilled to have you as part of the Nest & Sprout family.