A Day in Hudsons Hope with Kids: Exploring Northern BC's Hidden Gem

by Bailey Bouwman

 A few years ago, the kids and I took a trip through North Eastern BC with visits to Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and now Hudsons' Hope. I wrote these blogs for a blog called Northern BC Moms - that's no longer available. These are from are time then - now I own a baby boutique in Prince George, BC that you can shop online or in store when you visit. 

This weekend trip to the area the wildfires were burning in the province. Because of the air quality we weren't able to visit all of these fantastic locations - but we did enjoy the few moments of exploration

Looking for a family-friendly adventure in Northern British Columbia? Look no further than Hudsons Hope! This charming community offers a range of activities that will delight both kids and adults. Check out our list of must-visit spots for a memorable day in Hudsons Hope with your little ones:

  1. W.A.C. Bennett Dam Visitor Centre: Begin your day with a visit to the W.A.C. Bennett Dam Visitor Centre, located just thirty minutes from Hudsons Hope. This fascinating attraction features interactive exhibits and displays that will captivate curious minds. Take a guided tour of the dam and let your older kids marvel at the engineering marvels. 

  2. Hudsons Hope Museum: Step back in time at the Hudsons Hope Museum, where you'll discover a collection of dinosaur fossils and rock imprints. While the little ones might not appreciate the historical significance, they'll be awestruck by the taxidermy wildlife on display. 

  3. Playgrounds: After immersing yourselves in history, head to the community park across from the Hudsons Hope Museum. Here, you'll find a playground where your kids can burn off some energy. While they enjoy the swings and slides, grab a cup of coffee from the nearby café and plan your next adventure.

  4. Outdoor Pool: Beat the summer heat at Hudsons Hope's exclusive outdoor pool. This it the only outdoor public pool in Northern BC! Take a refreshing dip with your little ones and enjoy the scenic surroundings. Please note that the pool is open during the summer season.

  5. Swimming in the Lake: If you prefer natural swimming spots, Hudsons Hope won't disappoint. Head to Dinosaur Lake, a popular choice for families seeking a tranquil lakeside experience. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters while marveling at the nearby Peace Canyon Dam. Although you can no longer visit the dam up close, a viewing platform offers a stunning vantage point to appreciate its grandeur.

  6. Hunt for Dinosaurs: Unleash your inner paleontologist and go on a dinosaur hunt! Rumor has it that Hudsons Hope and its surroundings hold hidden treasures in the form of dinosaur trackways. Visit the Hudsons Hope Visitor Centre for guidance on finding these ancient imprints. It's an adventure that your little explorers won't soon forget.

Whether you're interested in history, outdoor adventures, or simply spending quality time with your family, Hudsons Hope has something for everyone. Make the most of your visit to this hidden gem in Northern BC and create cherished memories with your kids.

What's your favorite thing to do in Hudsons Hope? Share your experiences and recommendations in the comments below!

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