How to Dress Your Toddler for a Cold Fall Day

by Bailey Bouwman

Learning to dress my children with appropriate clothing for cold days has been an experience - but I grew up in Chilliwack, BC so we've got this down pat. With my two kids, I've always applied the principal of layering. 

How to Dress Your Toddler for a Cold Fall Day

I love to use thin layers to build up warmth in Fall, Winter & Spring because it lets you adjust to the child and the changing temperature. Fall can be tough because it's freezing in the morning, but when the sun comes out it can really warm up. So being able to adjust the layers to that ensures your child is ready for whatever adventure. 

Start with a Simple Base Layer of regular clothes:


Dress your toddler in their regular clothes for the day. If the weather is particularly chilly, I would consider warmer clothing styles like long sleeves and joggers.

Denim can feel cold and restrict movement for little kids, so it's best to choose sweatpants as a more comfortable alternative - if choosing regular Terry sweatpants, I will often consider adding a thinner legging underneath for colder days. It's really making the most out of the children's clothing you already have. Many times families will look for speciality products, but you can layer leggings with jogging pants, and then add a waterproof rain layer. 


Next Layer is an Warmer Outer Layer:

Optional fleece layer in that if your rain gear is lined, or if your base layer is quite thick, you might skip the fleece layer. Or you might embrace the fleece layer because it really can help take your clothing into some deeper cold temperatures with windproof and waterproof outerwear.

Add a layer of fleece to provide overall warmth. You can choose between a single-piece fleece outfit or separate fleece pants and a sweater. The former is ideal for children who tend to feel colder, while the latter is suitable for warmer fall days when only one fleece item is needed. Instead of a fleece jacket, some parents prefer lightweight fall jackets or raincoats.

Don't forget a good pair of socks. A good pair of socks is hard to find - you're looking for something with a nice knit too. I love an organic cotton sock like the ones from Q for Quinn, but a good quality wool sock is a staple for outside. Avoid thin socks - you're looking for something that will love that foot. 

Select the right pair of shoes:

Choose appropriate footwear based on the weather. Boots are recommended for most occasions, as toddlers always manage to find puddles. We really love how the Jan & Jul Toasty Lite boot offers a light weight rainbow that is lined for warmth and comfort during fall days; or if you're looking for something stylish for a cooler day consider the Toddle from Emu Australia. Compare and contrast different winter boots for toddlers on our blog.

Warmer days - the classic rubber boot or kids rain boot is just fine, but if it's starting to think about snow, you might want to start thinking about winter boots, or warmer lined rainbows. 

For dry adventures, really any shoe will suffice - except sandals? My kids have been known to live in their knit shoes until the snow begins to fall.  


Don't forget your Mittens and Hats

The most important accessories that can easily make or break the experience. I like to keep mittens in my vehicle because sometimes when you leave the house you don't think you'll need them but after some time outside, you'll notice your hands getting cold and be like hot damn I need something!

For mittens, opt for styles that are easy to put on and secure, as toddlers have a knack for removing them. That said, pull on knit mittens are an easy go-to for most families and if your hands are cold they'll want to wear them. Fleece mittens can be another fantastic choice giving that warmth with easy launder and care.

For wet days, consider a waterproof mitten either something designed for winter and snow, or a rain style mitten (hard to find, but totally worth it if you do)

When it comes to children's hats, select options that cover the ears and provide sufficient insulation. We love a nice fleece lined knit hat for fall days, and then transition into more winter hats when the snow flies.. Knit hats are ideal for chilly fall days, as they offer a cozy layer of warmth. 


If it's Raining... When faced with rainy weather, add a waterproof layer to your toddler's attire.

Bundle Up Your Toddler for a Cozy Fall Adventure in Prince George, BC or wherever you're reading this from. 

By following the layering principle and incorporating the tips outlined above, you can confidently dress your toddler for a cold fall day in Prince George, BC or Northern BC.

Remember to pack snacks, water, and a spare change of clothes for unexpected muddy encounters or creek accidents. Don't worry it doesn't need to all fit in your diaper bag, keep these basics in bag or bin in your vehicle for easy access.

Getting outside with your kids is a lot of fun, and with the right clothing strategy, you can ensure they stay warm and comfortable throughout their adventures. Stay tuned for our upcoming article on dressing your toddler for a cold winter day. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment, and we'll be happy to assist you


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