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    Citi Navigator Diaper Bag | Saddle Brown
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    Citi Navigator Diaper Bag in Saddle Brown
    Citi Collective

    Looking for the perfect diaper bag? We know the options are endless... there are so many incredible diaper bag brands we could carry for you and your baby - but we're not the big box stores and we have curated a few options for your consideration whether you're a new mom, an established parent, or just looking for a bag with more pockets, more zippers and more options. 

    What Makes a Diaper Bag Unique?

    Diaper Bags are different than your handbag or a backpack because of their design and features - mostly features. They typically have extra pockets designed to hold bottles, easy reach compartments for must-have necessaries, and maybe a change pad.

    Diaper bags may or may not have stroller straps, come as a backpack, or just be that every-day handbag that works for parenting life.

    Which Diaper Bag is for Me?

    The one that fits your budget, your values, and your style. Choose a bag that goes, yes I want to hit the playground - or yes, that's my budget. 

    The best diaper bag is the best one for you, no blog or store can tell you that. If you want some help, come drop by our store in Prince George where we sell everything baby, everything maternity, and a few things for you ;) 

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