Comparing Different Toddler Winter Boot Brands: Emu Toddle vs. Bogs Baby Boot vs. Stonz Puffer Booties vs. Jan & Jul Tall Puffy Winter Boots

by Bailey Bouwman

As winter approaches, we start gearing up for our next adventures. One essential to dressing your toddler for a snowy cold day is a pair of winter boots. The struggle is finding something small enough, functional enough, and practical for early walkers. 

We're going to take a look at a few popular winter boot options in Prince George, BC for your early walkers. We're focusing on shoes that have a sturdy base, not slippers or booties. Slippers and booties can be another great choice for early walkers - but a different type of product. In this article, we will compare four popular kids' winter boot brands: Emu Toddle, Bogs Baby Boot, Stonz Puffer Booties, and Jan & Jul Tall Puffy Winter Boots, and highlight what sets them apart.

One of the challenges collecting this information is that everyone talks about their winter boots in different sizing metrics. Some talk about months and some in shoe sizing. It's important to get the right size winter boot for your toddler, and start by measuring. Knowing the cm's you need will help you navigate this because not everyone's size 4 winter boot is the same size. Totally not fun!

Toddle by Emu Australia: Warmth and Comfort

Meet the adorable EMU Australia Toddle - the cutest Merino wool lined suede bootie, perfect for toddlers taking their first steps! 


Made for little adventurers aged 12 to 24 months, the EMU Toddle is a real hit among parents (and toddlers too!). Just imagine those tiny feet snuggled up in a cozy 100% Australian Merino wool lining while they explore the great big world around them. And with a soft EVA midsole and a flexible TRP outsole with a wave design, your little walker will be comfy and sure-footed on every escapade.

Putting on and taking off these booties is a breeze with the easy-peasy Velcro closure. No more wrestling with wiggly toes - these booties are ready for action in no time! And guess what? They're perfect for wider feet and kids with sensory needs too. Soft and cozy for the win!

Sizing starts at 6-12 months (size 3 winter boot) and goes to size 18-24months (size 5 winter boot).

Available in a few different colour ways, and fun characters such as a llama, unicorn, and deer! Shop Emu at Nest & Sprout, you can find this collection of toddler winter boots online, or in our Prince George, BC location.


Bogs Baby Boot: Ultimate Waterproof Protection

Introducing the Bogs Baby Boot - the ultimate waterproof protection for your little adventurer! These boots are 100% toddler-ready, and they mean business when it comes to keeping those tiny toes warm and cozy during the frosty winter months.


Parents love that the Bogs Boot is waterproof boot with a temperature rating of -10C. They feature BOGS Max-Wick technology that helps evaporate sweat and keep feet dry. Plus, the fleece lining adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort - perfect for those chilly winter days!


Available in children's shoe sizes 4-10. 

When it comes to function, comfort, and ease of use, the Bogs Baby Boot takes the cake, and one of the most popular winter boots for kids in Prince George. They can be found at many retailers, and secondhand. 

Stonz Puffer Booties: Lightweight and Adjustable

Introducing the Stonz Puffer Booties - the lightweight and adjustable winter boots perfect for your little ones from 9 months to 2 and a half years! These booties are designed to provide a barefoot experience, allowing babies and toddlers to learn balance and coordination as they explore the world around them with a form-fitting rubber soles.

Slipping on these booties is a breeze, thanks to their easy slip-on design with an adjustable toggle closure. You can achieve the perfect fit that grows with your child, ensuring they stay snug and cozy all winter long. The non-slip water-resistant rubber soles and 3M thinsulation keep those tiny toes toasty and warm, even in chilly temperatures.


Available in baby and toddler sizing up to about 17cm. 

Not only are the Stonz Puffer Booties a practical choice, but they are also easy to care for. Simply toss them in the washing machine, and they'll come out looking good as new - perfect for those inevitable messes that come with toddler adventures. This is another well known and popular choice in Northern BC. There are a few variations of the Stonz Booties including a version with a liner!

    Jan & Jul Tall Puffy Winter Boots: Take Adventures to New Heights

    Get ready to elevate your little adventurer's winter experience with Jan & Jul's Toasty-Dry Tall Puffy Winter Boots. Designed for active kids who love exploring, these boots offer a sporty and lightweight design with durable soles that provide excellent traction.


    The tall height of these boots makes them a unique contender in this group giving them more coverage for deep snow days. Designed with The Me-Put-On™ Velcro closures these are an easy on off winter boot with an insulated and Sherpa-lined interior, rated for temperatures as low as -20°C / -4°F when worn with socks.

    Available in sizes 5.5 to 10.5, starting at 12.5cm - these might be a great choice for kid who typically wear a size 4 baby shoe. 

    Lightweight and comfy, they allow for fast and fun play, unlike clunky winter boots from other random places - they have quickly been popular with families across the country. Easy to clean, these have been a great choice for families who enjoy winter in Prince George, BC. 

    Battle of the Winter Boots: Which Style is Best for Your Little Explorer? 

    So which toddler winter boot is best for your family and new walker? That's the ultimate question and not one I can easily answer. Thinking of my own experience with toddler boots, I hated the bogs but my besties love them. We've had customers anxious about the Jan & Jul Toasty Dry Puffer only having a -20C rating, but obviously one of the best in the market if you've got a bigger foot young walker. 

    You'll want to choose a winter boot that fits your budget, your child, and your needs. Maybe you want fashion of the Emu Australia, or maybe you want something more water resistant for full on puddle jumpers such as the Bogs Baby Boot. 

    Consider lifestyle as you navigate which one will be best for you.

    Emu Australia

    Bogs Baby Boot

    Stonz Puffer Booties

    Jan & Jul Tall Puffy Winter Boots

    Price Starting at $59.95 Starting at $75 CAD Starting at $59.99 CAD Starting at $54.99
    Size 12-24 months
    Sizes 4-10

    Large to XL,
    12 - 17cm

    Sizes 5.5 - 11.5, (12.5-18.5cm)
    Material Suede upper, 100% Australian Merino wool lining Constructed with 3mm Neo-Tech waterproof insulation with plush lining Outer: 100% Ripstop Nylon with PU coating
    Lining: 100% Polyester fleece
    Sole: TPE Rubber
    Insulation: 100% Polyester vegan
    Breathable water-resistant fabric, PVC & fluorine free and Sherpa-lined
    Cold Rating N/A Comfort rated to -10°C N/A Temperature rated -20°C
    Waterproof Not waterproof 100% Waterproof with BOGS Max-Wick technology Water-resistant with 3M thinsulation Water-resistant with insulated and Sherpa-lined
    Care Instructions Brush off dirt, do not wash or machine wash Machine washable Machine washable, air dry only Wipe clean with damp cloth, air dry only
    Closure Velcro closure, N/A Adjustable toggle closure
    Me-Put-On™ Velcro closures,
    Soles Soft EVA midsole N/A Non-slip rubber soles deep tread lugs on rugged, durable outsoles
    Other Features Woolmark Accredited
    DuraFresh bio-technology
    CPMA-certified, Vegan New Tall height for extra coverage against the elements


    With these key facts in mind, you can now confidently choose the perfect winter boots that match your child's needs and provide them with cozy warmth and comfort all winter long

    Whether it's the warmth and comfort of Emu Toddle, the ultimate waterproof protection of Bogs Baby Boot, the lightweight and adjustable design of Stonz Puffer Booties, or the sporty heights of Jan & Jul Tall Puffy Winter Boots, each brand brings something special to the table. Enjoy the winter wonderland with your little ones, knowing their feet are well-equipped for the chilly adventures ahead!

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