Simplified Nesting Bundle

Simplified Nesting Bundle
Simplified Nesting Bundle
Simplified Nesting Bundle
Simplified Nesting Bundle
Simplified Nesting Bundle

Simplified Nesting Bundle

  • 24 Cotton Wipes
  • 24 Cotton Flats
  • One Size Fits Most
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Introducing the Simplified Nesting Bundle: Lunapaca's Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes and Flat Cloth Diapers

Discover the ultimate solution for eco-conscious new parents with Nest & Sprout's Simplified Nesting Bundle. Featuring Lunapaca's newest organic cotton cloth wipes and flat cloth diapers, this bundle offers a sustainable and gentle approach to diapering.

This pac includes:

  • 24 Organic Cotton Flat Diapers
  • 24 Organic Cotton Wipes

With just a single load of laundry, you'll have enough diapers for up to 3 days. Made from organic unbleached birdseye cotton, you'll also love these flat diapers + wipes as soft, fast drying hand towels and washcloths.  

This product is only available to Canadian customers.

Cotton Flats Wipes

1. Remove Solids

Pee-only diapers go straight in the wash. Same with all diapers if baby hasn't yet started solid food (seriously, even many formula fed babies have water soluble poop. If it looks 'solid' or 3D in nature, remove it)

After starting solid food, swish it out in the toilet, use a diaper sprayer (bidet) sprayer and push as much of the chunks into the toilet. For more on tackling the poop, learn about poop removal strategies on our cloth diaper blog.

2. Wash (every 1-2 days)

Machine wash warm for at least a 40 minutes (not a sanitize cycle, that’s too harsh for regular use). Some families prefer adding a pre-wash or "quick cycle" before the main wash - this can be advantageous if you're struggling with lingering smells, mixing synthetic fibres, or find your machine doesn't have the gusto it used to.

You can use any commercial laundry detergent to care for cotton flats and wipes. We don't recommend DIY recipes, and limit bleach use to illness and sanitization of second hand items. 

Tackle stains with sunning, place damp materials directly in the sun (works in windows) and sun will remove poop stains in the next hour or so.

3. Dry

We recommend line-drying to save utilities. Seriously, cotton flats will dry up fast in many homes. If you'd prefer,  a short 15 minutes cycle on low heat will do the trick.

Revised wash routine advice from Lunapaca. 

Laundry Tips

  • Don’t add extra detergent, just go with the recommended amount or it might leave a residue. Follow the lines for the load size you're using
  • Most Machines work best when they’re 1/2 to 3/4 full for proper agitation. Consider adding other cotton towels or products if you're washing few
  • Look for detergents without optical brightness, fabric softeners, or fragrances. These additives bind to fabric and may cause repelling and/or rashes. Your skin and towels will thank you.
  • Consider washing plastic fabrics (like wet bags and other PUL diaper covers) separately. These can act as a raincoat and reduce how well your machine can clean your diapers.
  • Use a hamper with good airflow: it reduces smells and avoids mold. You can keep this simple - check out more ideas on storing dirty diapers.
  • Low heat or line drying are not only great ways to reduce your energy bill and environmental impact, it will extend the life of all your garments.
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