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The Ultimate Gift Guide for New Dads

Celebrating the Arrival of a new child

Becoming a new dad is an incredible milestone that deserves to be celebrated! We get many grandparents and siblings stopping into our shop asking for gift ideas to celebrate the new father. And looking around, this can be tough - so much of what 's marketed towards celebrating a new baby is aimed at the mother.

But, whether you're looking to congratulate a friend, family member, or co-worker on their impending fatherhood journey, we've compiled a comprehensive gift guide to help you find the perfect present. From practical essentials to sentimental keepsakes, these thoughtful gifts will not only make the new dad's life easier but also show your support and excitement during this joyous time.

Parenting Books

Help the new dad gain confidence and knowledge by gifting informative parenting books. Look for titles that provide guidance on fatherhood, practical parenting tips, or humorous accounts of raising children. Some of these titles are super serious, while others provide a little git of a joke or ode to their next journey in life. This gift will not only equip the new dad with valuable insights but also provide a source of support and reassurance.

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Embrace Fatherhood with Style and Ease!

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Dad and Baby Matching Outfits

Celebrate the unbreakable bond of fatherhood with adorable matching outfits that will melt hearts.

Explore charming and stylish options like "Daddy and Me" t-shirts or onesies, available on platforms like Etsy or through local printshops. Or opt for a silly graphic on a diaper shirt that embraces the dad's style and hobbies.

Not only will these gifts be absolutely adorable, but they will also create priceless photo opportunities, capturing the joy and love shared between father and child. Make every moment with your little bundle of joy even more special with these delightful matching outfits that showcase the incredible bond you both share.

Personalized Keepsakes

Akin to the above, discovering personalized keepsakes of fatherhood is a great gift for new dads. These sentimental gifts can be treasured for years ahead, and can be engraved keychains, photo frames, or a personalized mug.

We recommend that you check out Homework in Prince George, or for custom engraving Van Horlicks.

Another wonderful idea, is a visit to Tiny Beats in Prince George for a private ultrasound appointment to see the new baby. Book an appointment or gift a session, along with a heart beat bear to share in the early moments of a new baby.

Practical Gear

Effortless Style for Modern Families Bag

Diaper Bags

Essentials for the Modern Super Dad

Just like mom, new dads need to be well-equipped with baby care essentials. Give the new dad a head start by gifting a carefully curated diaper bag filled with must-have items. From diapers and wipes to diaper rash cream, baby lotion, a baby thermometer, and baby-friendly grooming tools, this thoughtful gift ensures that the new dad is prepared for every baby care situation.

Show your support and help him navigate the early days of fatherhood with confidence and ease.

Ultimate Wagon for Dad

This rugged and versatile wagon is built to accommodate all of his kids, providing a comfortable and exciting way to explore the world together. With its durable construction, all-terrain capabilities, and adjustable features, the Veer Cruiser is perfect for family outings, trips to the park, or strolls around the neighborhood

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Fashionable Drool Control

These stylish and absorbent bibs are designed to catch drool in the most fashionable way possible with patterns that embrace dads favourite hobbies and activities. Say goodbye to soggy clothes and hello to drool control with bibs featuring Dad's favourite things. We love both the Copper Pearl and Loulou Lollipop Bibs.

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Roar into Playtime

Unleash the inner adventurer in dad and inspire imaginative play for years to come with the Olli Ella Holdie Felt Animals from prehistoric animals, to fairytale wonders and more. Whether it's a T-Rex, a woolly mammoth, or a fearsome pterodactyl, these handcrafted toys are perfect for hands-on play and storytelling adventures. Delight dad and ignite his passion for play with the Olli Ella.

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Practical Essentials

When it comes to supporting a new mom, practicality is key. Providing her with essential items that simplify her daily life and make parenting easier can be incredibly thoughtful and helpful.

These can be items she has on her wish list, or perhaps something you never knew you needed but became an absolute must-have for motherhood.

A few additional items include: sleep sacks for baby, baby journal, baby carrier accessories, and a mattress protector.

Choose a gift that resonates with the new dad's personality

Welcoming a new baby is a momentous occasion, and celebrating the new dad is equally important. Whether you opt for practical essentials or sentimental keepsakes, these gift ideas will help the new dad navigate the early days of fatherhood with confidence and joy.