Yes, your family needs a stroller wagon.

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Yes, your family needs a stroller wagon.

Stroller wagons are changing the stroller game and bringing families the ease of hauling all that kid stuff and the kids. Stroller wagons offer the perfect hybrid of stroller and wagon, mixed with accessories that make wagons the ready for almost any adventure.

We love the stroller wagon, especially the Veer Cruiser, because it’s with you forever. My kids are 6 & 7, and we find so many uses for our stroller wagon as we take on adventures with friends, family, and ourselves. The stroller wagon is a timeless essential for families whether it’s newborns at the beach, or a picnic at the splashpad.


Why is a wagon better than a stroller?

Wagons are better than strollers because they are more versatile in their longevity and functionality. Wagons are a great swap for a double stroller as they let you haul multiple kids and all their stuff. With a wagon, your early walking kid can easily transition between sitting and playing, and you can clip in a car seat for the youngest – or if they can join in the back sitting bench.

 Strollers are better than wagons because they often take up a much smaller space, and can be folded down into smaller shapes and sizes. That said if you’re looking at a double stroller, the comparison game ends. Single strollers are much easier to maneuver, pack up, and take on the day, then a wagon.

If you rely on public transportation, a stroller wagon might not be the best choice for your family and means of transportation. Strollers can be better option due to their trim narrow fit and ease of maneuverability.


Is it easier to pull a wagon or push a stroller?

The magic of the stroller wagon is that you can both push and pull it. No longer do you have pull along a heavy wagon of gear and kids, you can now easily push a wagon stroller through the sand, up the hills, and on any adventure you need. Should you want to pull, you can.

Pushing a stroller can be just as easy, or challenging depending on the purpose built. Some strollers are tough to push when loaded up with kids and gear. The same is said for stroller.

When shopping for a stroller or a wagon, it’s important to think about your family’s needs.


Do I need a bigger stroller for two kids?

A bigger stroller, or a stroller wagon, can help you take on parenting with ease. You don’t need a bigger stroller, but you might find that it is a game changer in making life a little easier with just one set of hands.


I thought I could do it all with a single, but buying a double stroller was the best decision I ever made as a mom of 2 under 2. I was tired, and while babywearing is fantastic, there were moments where I needed more stroller space.

The stroller wagon is the perfect hybrid of a single stroller, but double functionality. It lets you have a space an infant can nap, but the second set for when the big kid gets tire. The stroller wagon lets you push one, carry the other, and it gives you this versatility that a double stroller just can’t compete with.

If you don’t think you need a bigger stroller for the second kid, but you worry you need more space for the moments when life is mess – get a stroller wagon.


Who is the Veer Cruiser for? Do I need the Veer Cruiser?

The Veer Cruiser is our go to choice for adventure families looking to take their kids on all-terrain adventures with more ease than a go-to wagon. The Veer cruiser lets you pack in a lunch, pack out the kids, and even have a place for a nap.

The Veer Cruiser is for you, if you enjoy wandering. It’s an easy way to leisurely stroll with your kids in the neighbourhood, the mall, or the beach. 

The Veer Cruiser helps you tackle two under two. It’s simple carseat attachment lets you take on the adventures of toddler parenting with a newborn. You can now have it all, space to carry the kid stuff, the kid, and the infant. The Veer Cruiser levels up the double stroller game for the ultimate ease of being wild in the wild.

The Veer Cruiser is for you if you’re looking for something compact and lightweight – at a mere 32lbs, this stroller wagon has the same weight as most other double strollers and takes up less room than the Costco wagon. It folds up and can be washed out with a hose! This wagon comes part, and easily reassembled for whatever your needs are.


The Veer Cruiser is for you if you’re looking for an all-terrain all-season sort of travel. Snow and mud can be hard to navigate, but the all-terrain capabilities of the Veer Cruiser will take on that adventure with your family in tow.

Push. Pull. Twist. Turn. Beach. Snow. Mud. Rocks. They haven’t invented a season or a terrain yet that Cruiser can’t navigate.


  The Veer Cruiser is now available in Prince George, BC at Nest & Sprout.

You can play with the stroller first hand in store at Pine Centre Mall (Prince George), and you can pick up a few accessories to take on the day.


The Veer Cruiser is the first piece of big gear we have brought to Prince George, and we continue to work with you to expand into more strollers, stroller wagons, and must-have essentials for your parenting journey. Nest & Sprout is more than a maternity store, we’re an everything baby and kid kinda place these days as we work to bring new and unique products to Northern BC.

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    my lil twins niece have Stroller wagons .It’s a very good choice for convenient alternatives to traditional strollers. They typically offer more space and storage capacity, making them suitable for families with multiple children or those who need extra room for supplies during outings. Wagon Stroller

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