Step into Summer Bliss: Mini Melissa's Possession Jelly Shoes for Trendsetting Kids

by Bailey Bouwman

Earlier this year, we welcomed Mini Melissa to our Canadian childrne's boutique in Prince George, BC. One of the stand out products in the Mini Melissa kids shoe collection is the Possession - this is your classic jelly shoe for toddlers and kids. 

A true summer delight for toddlers and kids, this jelly shoe combines iconic style, comfort, and a touch of glitter to elevate your little one's summer wardrobe. Over the past few months, we have fallen in love with Mini Melissa shoes for their comfort, style, and durability - but here's a few more reason's you'll love this original jelly shoe for your Canadian summer. 

Classic Fisherman Style in Fun Colors:

This jelly shoe features the timeless fisherman style, reimagined in fun colors and glitter that effortlessly coordinate with any summer outfit. From clear options for toddlers to glittery pink for the big kids, these shoes are a playful addition to their seasonal wardrobe - and will bring you back to that nostelgic time in your own childhood. 

I used to think I never had a pair of Jelly shoes, and might not have as a kid, but I did have a pair of Fisherman style shoes that I spot in almost every photo of me as an elementary student. It's a classic comfortable style - we see it in Keens Sandals, and many others - the Mini Melissa just elevates the look for more urban city play and less rocky mountain adventure. But My daughter will tell you that Mini Melissa is a great choice on the trails too. 

 Velcro Closure for Easy Wear:

Designed with convenience in mind, the Mini Melissa Possession features a Velcro closure on Baby & Toddler Sizes 5-10, ensuring a secure fit and making on and off a breeze. Perfect for busy toddlers and kids always on the go.

The bigger kid sizes 11-4, are a traditional buckle. This can be finicky, but many children do figure it out in shop. 

Comfy Fit for Happy Feet:

My daughter says 'they look uncomfortable, but they aren't!' - over the years many of us skirm at the thought of a jelly shoe but the Mini Melissa is desinged with Melflex, and a custom cushion that provides the utmost comfort to kids around the world.

No break in necessary, we find that many of our customers don't expereince the chaffing, blisters, or other concerns you might have with a 'plastic style shoe' and that's because Mini Melissa Melflex is a totally different and comfortable PVC for kids footwear.  The same is true for Native Shoes - these are well designed shoes that your kids will love to wear. The Possession Jelly Shoe boasts a comfy fit that ensures your child's feet are happy and supported throughout their summer adventures. Say goodbye to uncomfortable footwear!

Product Details:
  • Upper: 94% PVC, 4% Velcro, 2% Metal
  • Insole: Laminated PVC for added comfort
  • Sole: 100% PVC for durability
  • Bubblegum scent for a delightful touch

Make this summer a memorable one with Mini Melissa's Possession Jelly Shoe – the perfect blend of style, comfort, and playfulness. Now available at Nest & Sprout, where every step is a delightful adventure! Mini Melissa is available in sizes starting at a Toddler 5, and available up to a Junior/Big Kid 4! Find them amongst many other kids shoes in our online shoe collection - we look forward to reopening in College Heights Summer 2024. 

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