Bringing Sustainable Style to Prince George: Mini Melissa Joins Nest & Sprout Collection

by Bailey Bouwman

Nest & Sprout is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our curated collection of children's stuff – Mini Melissa.

Since opening the shop, we've heard that you want more children's shoes in Prince George. You've been looking for more options, sizes and styles. For a while, I got frustrated because I couldn't find you more shoe brands - but it's slowly happening and 2024 is definitely becoming the year of the shoe. We've introduced a few new brands of children's footwear over the past few months including Native Shoes, Emu Australia, and now Mini Melissa. This brand felt like the perfect fit as it aligns with our values of quality, comfort sustainability.

Local moms already love Mini Melissa for their style and comfort, and now you can stop into our Prince George boutique, try them on, and bring a pair home. Mini Melissa is a timeless and eco-conscious shoe that everyone will love.

A Perfect Fit for Little Feet

The thing about shoes is having many different options helps us all find the perfect fit for little feet. Just like adults, children's feet come in many shapes and sizes and the search for a shoe that fits their body and style is paramount to them wearing shoes.

Bringing Mini Melissa to shop is one more choice to find a soft, flexible fit for your litminitles. Made with premium quality pvc, and the dreamest softest most plush sole, these are shoes your kids will love to wear and never take off. Whether it's the classic jelly style, the cozy sandal, or the charming campana papel, each design is tailored for comfort, making those first steps memorable and stylish.

Please note that we also bring a sampling in during our first year to see what you need, how it fits, and the community interest. We have a mix of baby and big kid sizes and styles to fill different needs. We definitely looking forward to connecting with more families with kids who wear kids sizes 1-4, because Nest & Sprout is your local children's boutique for kids up to age 10 (and maybe beyond that).

Sustainability at the Core

At Nest & Sprout, we believe in making choices that resonate with our planet's well-being. And we try our darnest to do so across all categories of products. Sometimes we can't check off this box, but sometimes we can. And this month's newest additions from Mini Melissa and Native bring sustainabilty to children's footwear in a new and exciting way.

In their journey towards eco-friendliness, Mini Melissa embraces mindful manufacturing practices in their company owned factories in Brazil. With 100% wastewater treatment and 86% water reuse, the brand demonstrates its commitment to reducing environmental impact. The use of 100% renewable energy since 2018 and the installation of solar panels at their factories further solidify Mini Melissa's dedication to low carbon emissions and a greener infrastructure.

Mini Melissa's commitment to zero-waste excellence is evident through the incorporation of recycled factory waste, making up 30% of each shoe. In 2022, an impressive 90% of total waste was reincorporated into production, marking a significant step towards their goal of becoming a zero-waste business.

Local Love, Global Impact

By introducing Mini Melissa to our store, we aim to offer Prince George families a local source for sustainable and stylish footwear. We deserve beautiful things, and this collection is sure to impress families far and wide for their quality, comfort and design. 

From the classic jelly shoes loved since 1979 to the cozy sandals and intricate campana papel styles, every pair tells a story of comfort, quality, and conscious living.

Visit Our Store Today!

Step into Nest & Sprout in Prince George and discover the Mini Melissa collection. We are excited to bring these adorable, sustainable shoes to your little one's wardrobe. Join us in making every step count – for our children and for the planet.

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