Mother's Day 2024 Gift Ideas

by Bailey Bouwman
9 times out of 10 if you ask for a gift 'for mom' at Nest & Sprout, I'll send you a way because I truly believe mom doesn't need kid stuff, she needs stuff that reminds her of who she is as a person like TIME, FOOD, and those hobbies she once upon a time had.
But with Mother's Day quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about how to show appreciation to the moms in your life - whether it's for the mother of your child, your own mother, or a mother figure you want to shower with love. 
If you insist on shopping at Nest & Sprout for something for mom this Mother's Day - I might point you in the direction of things she wouldn't buy for herself. These are more expensive price items because to be fair, mother's are terrible at spending money on themselves. At the end, you'll find my wish list of things I actually want for Mother's Day as a Canadian mom of a two kids. 

PS.If you're in Prince George, BC this is your friendly reminder that we are now closed and online only! We can deliver direct to you with options available throughout town, and if you send an email we'd  love to gift wrap and assemble just as you need it. 

New Cozy Comfy Sleepwear from Nest Designs

Every mom deserves to feel relaxed and comfortable, especially at the end of a long day. Nest Designs' new cozy, comfy sleepwear is the perfect gift to ensure she enjoys a peaceful night's sleep. And for a fun twist, consider getting a matching set for the kids! She'll just be over the moon -- Nest Designs is a Canadian brand manufacturing clothing that feels great on. your skin, is available in soft gentle prints, and is something you'll want to wear forever. 

Looking for more Lounge & Sleepwear? Modern Match Lingerie is local to Prince George, and ships across Canada. They design and curate a stunning collection of lingerie that she will definitely love. 


Books She'll Love

It's no secret that many mothers are avid readers, always looking for the next captivating novel or insightful self-help book. Consider gifting her a book that aligns with her interests or introduces her to a new genre or author. Not only will she appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift, but she'll also enjoy the quiet moments of escape a good book can provide.

 Book ideas if she's expecting baby

If you're local in Prince George, BC - be sure to stop into Books & Co for more local book shopping this Mother's Day. 

A Bag She Loves - Itzy Mini Plus in Chai

If the mom in your life is a fan of stylish and functional accessories, you can't go wrong with the Itzy Mini Plus in Chai. This chic bag offers ample space for all her essentials, making it a stylish and practical gift she'll love and use daily.

Or check out more beautiful Diaper Bags at our shop, and Children's Boutiques near you. As we were preparing to close our Prince George location, we no longer carry Diaper Bags as consistently as we used to. We can bring in Itzy Ritzy bags on special request - send us a message and let us do the importing for you. 

Money to Buy a New Bra!

Sometimes, the most practical gifts are the most appreciated. Giving her money to buy a new maternity or nursing bra might not seem like the most exciting present, but trust us, she'll thank you for it!

We carry Hot Milk Nursing Bra's at Nest & Sprout. We are excited to welcome you into our new location this summer to try them on locally in Prince George, otherwise she can work with the Hot Milk sizing tool, and order one online. We can custom order in speciality sizes and colour ways too! 

Need more bra ideas? Shop Tops & Bottoms in Prince George for custom bra fittings and options beyond maternity. 

Gift Card Towards a New Outfit

Give her the freedom to choose something she really loves with a gift card towards a new outfit. This is especially great idea for your pregnant and postpartum parents who might be looking for a new maternity outfit or a breastfeeding top.

Whether she's into the latest trends or prefers timeless classics, a gift card allows her to find something that suits her personal style perfectly.

For more great local clothing shopping for women, consider these Prince George boutiques: Simply Beautiful Boutique, Madison Avenue Fashions, Earth & Crown Consignment and so many more fantastic ideas. 

What Moms Really Want....

While physical gifts are a wonderful way to express your love and appreciation, sometimes what moms want most are simple things that money can't buy.

My biggest ask is always to tap out of the morning routine. I'm a morning person but I miss having the morning to myself instead of the long list of demands. I once met a mom at playgroup who got every Saturday morning to herself and that is legit my dream world. But my husbands schedule it rarely works out, and his sleep prioritized.

Here's a glimpse into what many mothers truly desire on Mother's Day:

  1. Time & Money to Get Hair Done: Every mom deserves to feel pampered. A day at the salon can do wonders for her mood and self-esteem. Or maybe whatever it is - I personally hate getting my hair cut because I just never feel like I have the time, or am worth the time to do it. I miss it. 
  2. A Nice Meal with People She Loves: Mothers are often the ones organizing family gatherings and preparing meals. On Mother's Day, give her a break and arrange a meal where she can enjoy the company of extended family without having to worry about the prep.
  3. Guilt-Free Childcare: Whether it's a day off or just a few hours, every mother could use some time to relax and recharge without worrying about childcare. I really want someone to say "hey, I'd love to spend some time with the kids" and not necessarily have anything planned but just time. 
  4. To Wake Up On Her Own Time: Let her enjoy a lazy morning for once. She'll appreciate the chance to start her day without everyone demanding things from her.
  5. Tackle the Carport & Storage Rooms: Take a task off her to-do list. Whether it's organizing the carport or cleaning out storage rooms, she'll appreciate the help and the decluttered space. Taking on any of those tasks she's been avoiding would be a great start. 

Remember, Mother's Day isn't just about giving gifts—it's about showing appreciation and love. So, whether you choose a thoughtful gift from Nest & Sprout or decide to give the gift of time and help, make sure it comes from the heart. Happy Mother's Day!

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