Meet the Cozy Dinkum Doll: A Playful Keepsake for Growing Families

by Bailey Bouwman

At Nest & Sprout, we watch little ones fall in love with the Cozy Dinkum dolls every single day. Little ones walk through the door and immediately gravitate to the soft, loveable dolls and sometimes try to sneak them home. 

Meet the Cozy Dinkum Doll

Cozy Dinkums' come to us from Olli Ella, a Corp B company focused on sustainable and ethically made products - their doll collection features from natural and organic materials that just feel good to love and hold. Cozy Dinkums have quickly become cherished keepsakes for growing families with their soft and snuggly design encourages babies to cuddle up for nap time and playtime, while their playful and engaging features stimulate their imaginations and support their development.

Here are some of our favorite Cozy Dinkum features:

  1. Playful animal suits: Each Cozy Dinkum Doll comes dressed in a soft and snuggly animal suit that is perfect for imaginative play. Checkout our newest additions Lion Pip and Piggy Pickle.

    Meet the Cozy Dinkum Doll

  2. Embroidered faces: Cozy Dinkum Dolls feature cute and expressive embroidered faces that stimulate babies' imaginations and encourage interaction.

  3. Soft and cuddly design: Made from plush, organic cotton materials, Cozy Dinkum Dolls are perfect companions for snuggles and playtime - you'll want a blanket made of their soft plush fur. 

  4. Engaging textures: With tufts of hair and fuzzy ears, Cozy Dinkum Dolls offer a variety of textures that engage babies' senses and encourage exploration. There's just something that gives you that sensory experience you didn't know you needed.

As conscious parents and caregivers, we know that you want to give your children safe, engaging, and sustainable toys that align with your values and support your child's growth and development.

The Cozy Dinkum Doll is the perfect playful and enduring keepsake that brings joy and wonder to childhood and serves as a companion for your child's journey of growth and discovery.

Meet the Cozy Dinkum Doll: Meet the Cozy Dinkum Doll:

Whether you're looking for a gift for a newborn or a young child, the Olli Ella Cozy Dinkum Doll is sure to be treasured for years to come. We find that Cozy Dinkums are a fantastic "just because" gift, perfect for first birthdays's and an amazing baby shower gift to celebrate. anew arrival. Ask us about including one in your next gift basket. 

Meet the Cozy Dinkum Doll: We also carry other Dinkum Dolls from Olli Ella, including the original Dinkum Doll, Dozy Dinkum, and Dinky Dinkums. We love the versatility and playfulness of these dolls, and we know that they make great gifts for newborns and young children - Dinkum Doll accessories can also be used for many of these loveable to expand your Childs play experience.


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