Introducing Piccalilly New Dinosaur Collection for Kids this Fall

by Bailey Bouwman

We brought in ducks and florals for spring, but this season we’ve got a fun new dinosaur print from Piccalilly. Piccalilly UK, a brand known for its commitment to ethical manufacturing and planet-friendly practices and this fall they’ve launched an enchanting unisex dinosaur print that babies and toddlers will adore, this collection is perfect for both boys and girls from baby to big kid with sizes 5-6 years available in select styles.

For me, when it comes to children's clothing, comfort, style, and sustainability are key considerations and helps us in choosing our children’s clothing collection at Nest & Sprout. 

Dino-mite Prints for All Ages

The centerpiece of this collection is the whimsical dinosaur print. Against a teal background, vibrant dinosaurs in yellow, orange, and magenta pop out, creating a playful and eye-catching design. This print is fun for the entire family and available in various styles, including ponchos, t-shirts, dresses, rompers, pull-on pants, and dungarees. The mix and match possibilities ensure that your child's fall wardrobe will be as vibrant as the changing leaves. 

dinosaur dress
Dinosaur Shirt
dinosaur pants
dinosaur poncho.

For younger kids, this print matches well with the Toby Tiger bodysuits, but as a small Canadian children’s boutique you might have to look elsewhere for coordinating separates - including your existing closet.

Gender-Neutral Baby Sets

Expectant parents who are keeping their baby's gender a surprise will love the gender-neutral three-piece baby set from Piccalilly. It's suitable for both baby boys and girls and includes multi-colored footed trousers, a wrap-over top, and a matching knot hat. The all-over print with dragons and rainbows adds a touch of magic to your baby's early wardrobe.

Rainbow Dragon Baby Three Piece Set

 Why Choose Piccalilly

Piccalilly takes pride in its ethical manufacturing practices. All clothing is made in fully audited, child labor-free factories. Their partnership with Chetna, an organization of cotton farmers in India, ensures that the cotton used is grown sustainably, without the use of child labor, chemicals, or GMOs. Plus, their garments have complete traceability, right down to the farmers' fields where the cotton was grown.

Piccalilly UK's new dinosaur collection is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability. With enchanting prints, gender-neutral options, and a commitment to ethical manufacturing, it's a choice that both parents and children will love. Whether you're looking for newborn clothing or versatile pieces for your toddler, this collection is sure to become a favorite in your child's wardrobe.

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