Toy Links: The Essential Travel Companion for Happy Little Explorers

by Bailey Bouwman

As parents ourselves, we understand that being on the move with your little ones can be both rewarding and demanding experience. From trips to Europe, to just a simple trip to Pine Centre Mall, the joys of exploring the world come with the challenge of keeping littles entertained.

For your youngest travellers, a set of toy links is a must-have for any diaper bag, stroller or playroom.

Enter Bitzy Bespoke Itzy Rings™ - these colorful and practical toy links go beyond mere toys; they are expertly crafted to keep your precious explorers entertained while providing much-needed teething relief during your adventures.

Set of Itzy Ritzy Baby Toy Links in a Gentle Rainbow Colour

The Versatility of Baby Links

Baby links offer unmatched versatility for on-the-go parents. With their clever interlocking design, these toy links easily attach to car seats, strollers, and activity gyms, keeping toys accessible and off the ground. 

We've shown you the Itzy Ritzy Baby Links, but toy links can come in various materials, sizes, and colours. Another really cool set is the bunny shape from Loulou Lollipop. Made with a softer silicone, these do the same function as the Itzy Ritzy and other models of baby links on the market. 

LouLou Lollipop Toy Links - Rabbit shaped soft silicone baby links for linking together

Baby links are loved because they are compact and lightweight. You can easily shove them in your pocket! But they also can be linked together to create a larger play service, and offer a build your own adventure travel toy.

Because most baby links are made of silicone or plastic materials, they are also easy to wash - especially relevant if your sticky handed baby drops them in a mud puddle. They can be washed in any sink with any soap and ready to go.

Endless Entertainment with Toy Links

Toy links offer boundless entertainment for young toddlers. As one of their first building toys, the interlocking design provides a unique opportunity to create chains, connect to other toys, and make soft gentle noises and motion.

They are perfect for on the go because you can connect them to a stroller or carrier to avoid dropping - no need for a pacifier clip. There are many different ways to use toy links, we love the suggestions in this blog post we found, and here's a few of our favourite go-to ways to use the Bitzy Bespoke Itzy Rings™.

  1. Link and Build: Use the interlocking design to create colorful chains, structures, or wearable jewelry. Let their imagination run wild as they build unique creations.

  2. On-the-Go Fun: Take toy links with you wherever you go for instant entertainment during road trips, waiting at appointments, or while dining out.

  3. Teething Relief: Let little ones explore and chew on the textured rings for soothing teething relief.

  4. Color Exploration: Introduce colors by asking your child to find specific colors or sort the links into color groups. This is great if you have multiple sets of toy links. You can also see about matching toys, or other items in your spaces with the colours on your ring. 

  5. Pattern Play: Create patterns with the links, and encourage your child to identify and continue the pattern.

  6. Role-Play Accessories: Use the toy links as pretend accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, or belts, to enhance imaginative play.

  7. Organize and Bundle: Keep small toys organized by using the links to attach them to strollers, car seats, or diaper bags.

  8. Sorting Activities: Encourage sorting by grouping links based on size, shape, or color.

  9. Fine Motor Skills: Enhance fine motor skills by linking and unlinking the rings or by transferring the links from one hand to another.

  10. Floating Fun: Take bath time play to the next level by using toy links as floating toys in the water.

Consider all the different ways you can use one simple toy like baby links when traveling to provide entertainment. These baby links are much like the simple joys of a play silk that offers endless opportunities for play. Bonus: a Sarah's Silk play silk can be threaded through the rings for another activity, sensory experiences and simple to travel with toy. 

Utilize Different Attachment Options for Toy Links

When traveling with your little ones, toy links are invaluable toy to have in your bag or stroller basket. One of the most common  reasons we see families purchase the Bitzy Bespoke Itzy Rings™ is to hold onto other toys!

Toy links offer flexible attachment choices, ensuring toys stay close to your little one and avoid falling. Secure them to car seats, strollers, activity gyms, or keep them in your pocket for instant entertainment on-the-go. 

    Simple Teething Stimulation with Itzy Ritzy Baby Links

    Another favourite feature for the Bitzy Bespoke Itzy Rings™ is the braided texture of the rings that offers a simple, but effective teething stimulation. If you look closely at the collection of Itzy Ritzy products, you'll notice this similar braided ring prominent in many designs because it is a favourite teething sensation for young children.

    The soft and chewable texture of Itzy Ritzy Baby Links allows babies to explore and gnaw on the rings, providing a comforting sensation that eases teething discomfort. As they discover different textures through their little fingers and mouths, babies engage in sensory exploration, fostering their tactile and oral development. This makes these baby links unique to many others on the market that have a smoother texture.

    Toy Links: The Ultimate Travel Companion for Little Explorers

    As parents, we know that traveling with little ones can be both rewarding and challenging. That's why having toy links, like the Bitzy Bespoke Itzy Rings™ or other baby links, is a must have for your next flight or visit to the mall.

    If you're adding these to your registry, be sure to ask for multiple packs for more versatility and ways to play. The toy links will keep your child entertained for hours, and the Bitzy Bespoke Itzy Rings™ offers a soothing teething relief. 

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