How to Dress a Newborn in the Summer

by Bailey Bouwman

Wondering what you need for your baby’s summer wardrobe? The summer season in Northern BC can be tricky as we bounce between record breaking heat waves, and cool August nights, balanced between indoor AC (or lack thereof). Babies need help to control their body temperature, so there’s a few simple ways to plan and prepare for dressing baby during these newborn days.

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How to Dress a Newborn in the Summer

As mom of newborn in the summer, remember that much of your time will be spent at home as you and baby recover. Home is amazing place to be, you can live solo life of nudity, as you regulate to the temperatures. I don’t remember much else besides onesies during the month of August. Increasingly, one of our biggest challenges it eh changing and unpredictable weather, but here’s a few ideas for the classics.

  1. Choose lightweight natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo.

Lightweight fabrics that are breathable help keep baby cool when they need to stay cool. Cotton is a fantastic choice for its breathability and comfort on the skin. Look for clothing made from 100% cotton to ensure maximum comfort.

When dressing baby, think about how you want to be dressed in similar temperature and environment.

  1. Add layers if needed. Keep it simple.

On warm days, baby may just need a cotton onesie. In the evenings, or cooler moments, add layers like shorts, soft pants, and sleepers as needed. These additions can be easily taken off with shifting temperatures.

Consider using a 1 TOG sleep bag for nights. These lightweight muslin sleep bags provide a little warmth and comfort while maximizing the breathability. Check the TOG rating to you preferred indoor temperature to maximize comfort.

You may still want a knit hat and cotton socks for cooler indoor spaces where the air conditioning might be blasting. These spaces are sometimes chill for even adults, and the addition of easy layers will support you in keeping baby comfortable as you move about. These skills you learn in the summer, can then be applied for winter life, as you add layers for adjusting to the deep cold.

  1. Add Sun protection

Babies under the age of 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight and shielded from the sun. Incorporating a sun hat, like this sun soft baby cap from Jan & Jul provides optimal sun protection of the face, ears, and neck. Don’t forget to pair with sunglasses, with a strap, for eye protection.

For more UV protection outside, consider a pop up baby tent. These tents shield from sun and mosquitos, letting little one stay cool and enjoy the outdoors without added layers.

  1. Consider UV Clothing for Swim

Avoiding direct sun during swimming and waterplay can be challenging, in these situations consider a UV sunsuit made with materials for sun protection and swimming. We love the Current Tyde Clothing line up as it fits babies 0-6 months. Pair with a reusable swim diaper for easy all-day swimming.

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