Are Cloth Baby Wipes Worth the Hype? Understanding the Long-Term Benefits

by Bailey Bouwman

In the realm of baby care, baby wipes often fall into the category of items we unconsciously pick up at the grocery store, just another part of the routine. Even for dedicated cloth diapering parents like myself, cloth wipes initially remained off the radar. It's a testament to how deeply ingrained disposable culture is in our daily lives.

Yet, here you are, contemplating the realm of cloth baby wipes. And let me tell you, exploring the world of cloth baby wipes is absolutely worthwhile. Whether you're committed to cloth diapering or opt for disposable diapers, we'll delve into the reasons why cloth wipes should be a non-negotiable addition to your baby care toolkit.

PS. I want to normalize cloth wipes - but I will always recognize the need for disposable products. I would use disposable wipes from time to time during my cloth diapering days. Switching to sustainable choices is about doing so in a way that is sustainable to you and your family.

Gentle Care for Delicate Skin

Newborns and infants boast delicate, sensitive skin that deserves the utmost care. I did a deep dive on the internet to learn more about what they add to disposable wipes, and I feel like the internet was scrubbed clean because back in my day, parents struggled with disposable wipes and skin reactions.

Maybe that's changed. Baby wipes are carefully crafted to be safe and gentle. While water is a major part, it's not enough to tackle everything. That's why baby wipes include mild cleansers, helping to clean better. They also have preservatives to stay fresh, and their pH is adjusted to match a baby's skin.

Water wipes can be a great disposable alternative for families looking for a product that is free of additives and perfumes, but they can be expensive.

Cloth wipes, made from materials like cotton, bamboo, or flannel, offer a soft and natural touch, ensuring that your little one receives gentle care without exposure to potentially irritating chemicals.

Empowerment Through Reusability

Embracing reusable cloth wipes brings a unique perk—control. Unlike disposable alternatives with ever-changing formulas, you are in the driver's seat.

Take charge by selecting the cleanser for the water solution, opting for specific liniment creams, and more.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

The nice thing about cloth wipes is the cost of a bundle is the same as their disposable counterparts. The perk being that cloth wipes will last decades of use, whereas the disposable is a one and done.
A stash of cloth wipes, typically made from durable materials, can last for years, eliminating the need for continuous purchases of disposable options. My family continues to use the cloth wipes from our diapering days as tissues and they are going strong.

Expense Type Disposable Wipes Cloth Wipes
Initial Cost $24.99 (900 wipes) $19.99 (24 wipes)
Duration Covered 4-6 months Over 10 years
Total Cost Over 2.5 Years (Approximate calculation) (Approximate calculation)
$24.99 x 5 = $124.95 to $187.43 $19.99 x 2 + $19.99 (extra pack) = $59.97

Note: The total cost for disposable wipes is calculated based on purchasing the $24.99 case every 4-6 months over 2.5 years. The cloth wipes' total cost is calculated based on purchasing two sets of $19.99 dozen packs plus an additional pack for variety over the same period.

Reducing Environmental Impact

We know that single use disposable products go on to live forever in landfills, or they clog sewer systems and add signification cost to municipalities. Disposable wipes consist of non woven materials, plastics, and various chemicals, persisting in the environment for hundreds of years.

Maximizing the environmental benefits of cloth wipes extends to the selection of fabrics with minimal environmental impact. Opt for natural fibers such as cotton or hemp, which not only provide comfort for your baby but also eliminate the concern of shedding microplastics. This conscientious selection aligns with eco-friendly parenting, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally responsible diapering experience.

Versatility Beyond Diaper Changes

Cloth wipes prove to be versatile beyond their primary use during diaper changes. Repurpose them as tissues, family cloth, or tiny towels, showcasing their utility in various scenarios. This versatility extends the lifespan of cloth wipes, making them a practical and multi functional addition to your parenting toolkit.

Rethinking Baby Wipes - A Cloth Revolution

In embracing cloth wipes, you're not just making a choice for today; you're making a conscious investment in the future—yours, your baby's, and the planet's. It's a small change that carries big rewards, contributing to a more sustainable and thoughtful approach to baby care.

Get started today with this practical guide to reusable cloth wipes.

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