Simplify Diapering: A Practical Guide to Reusable Cloth Wipes

by Bailey Bouwman

Ever thought about what's in your traditional baby wipes? Spoiler alert: a lot of plastic and perfumes. The guilt, the cost, the environmental impact – it's a lot for parents.

Nest & Sprout hears you, and we're here to simplify things. In this guide, we'll explore the ease of reusable baby cloth wipes – a game-changer for your baby's bottom and the planet. Seriously, we've been using cloth wipes for a decade and love it.

What is a cloth wipe?

A cloth wipe, in the realm of baby care, is a reusable, washable piece of fabric designed for gentle cleaning.

These wipes can be crafted from different materials such as cotton, bamboo, or flannel, offering a soft and natural touch for various uses.Typically square or rectangular in shape, cloth wipes are used for wiping and cleaning purposes.

Why Cloth Wipes?

Switching to cloth wipes is a game-changer for families, providing a gentle and chemical-free solution for delicate new skin. It's also a smart financial move, saving you almost $200 on disposable wipes over the next 2.5 years of diapering, compared to just $40 for cloth wipes that can be easily laundered. Learn more about why cloth wipes are totally worth it.

How Many Baby Cloth Wipes Do You Need?

The magic number varies, but generally, 1-2 wipes per change suffice. Whether you opt for 24 or a stash of 50, find what works for you. You'll also discover you need less cloth wipes per change than disposable wipes. 24 is a good amount to start with, and what's included in our Nesting Bundle.

How to use Cloth Wipes for Baby?

Keep it simple – just add water! Whether you run them under a bathroom tap or use a peri bottle, cloth wipes are all about easy, effective cleaning.

Note: while I love the simplicity of water, I must also share that water alone can do a poor job at cleaning the skin. A diaper rash happens when the skin pH breaks down, usually because of lingering containment of feces and urine.

Knowing this, parents can consider using a gentle cleanser, a bit of soap, or a liniment during diaper changes for added care. These simple additions can offer extra care and keep a baby's sensitive skin happy and healthy. This can be a touch of baby soap in your peri water bottle, fancy wipe bits, or even liniments.

How to Wash Cloth Wipes?

For cloth diaper users, washing with diapers is a breeze. Check out our guide to washing Flat Cloth Diapers for reference.

If not, toss them in with your regular laundry. Remember, cloth wipes are basic squares of cotton – if your underwear can handle it, so can cloth wipes!

Beyond Diaper Changes:

Cloth wipes are versatile! Repurpose them as tissues, family cloth, tiny towels, or emergency hygiene safeguards.

Mastering Cloth Wipes

Congratulations! You've just aced the basics of cloth wipes.

They're your go-to companion for eco-friendly diapering and beyond. Ready to buy some cloth wipes? Shop our collection of wipes from cloth diaper brands, or consider baby face clothes. It doesn't have to be complicated or fancy.

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