Say Goodbye to Disposable Diapers: Introducing Esembly's Cloth Diapering System

by Bailey Bouwman

We're so excited to bring a new cloth diapering product at Nest & Sprout from Esembly Baby. This brand launched at the start of the pandemic, and as a cloth diaper content creator I quickly fell in love with its simplicity and design features.

Originally only available at Indigo in Canada, you can now purchase Esembly Baby with us at Nest & Sprout, or our friends over at Cloth Diaper Kids. There might be a few more small retailers across the country, so find the one that's close to you or matches your mood. 

We know that as parents, you want to provide the best for your babies while being mindful of their impact on the environment - and if that's your goal, Esembly's cloth diapering system is for you. 

Who is Esembly?

Esembly is a small business that launched in 2019, but their story actually began a decade earlier with the founding of Diaperkind, a diaper laundering service in Brooklyn. Their experience with Diaperkind gives Esembly unique advantage in the cloth diaper space because they bring over a decade worth of knowledge in working parents, laundry science, and creating products that will work. 

Esembly is run by a team of working mothers who are committed to making the world a better place. As a women-owned business, they prioritize sustainably grown, low-impact, high-quality ingredients and responsible manufacturing throughout their production process.

I had the privilege of interviewing Liz in 2020, following their product launch for the Cloth Diaper Podcast. You can listen to that episode here, and listen to benefits of cloth diapering, including the reduced environmental impact, cost savings, and improved health for babies. We also talked about her experience as small business owners and their commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

What is Esembly's Cloth Diapering System?

Esembly's cloth diapering system is made up of absorbent Inners, waterproof Outers, and washable liners. If you know cloth diaper lingo, this system is otherwise known as fitted diapers and cloth diaper covers. But I think Inners and Outers is better terminology if you're new around here, because that's all that means. 

Here's how it works:

  • The Inners are made of super soft and thirsty certified organic cotton, designed with a unique butterfly shaped core to maximize absorbency while still allowing for thorough cleaning and efficient drying.

  • The waterproof Outers are designed for waterproofing and containment, allowing parents to use the Inners without any leakage concerns. These Outers are also adjustable and can grow with your baby.

  • The liners are an optional add-on to the Esembly diapering system, available as a washable liner or a disposable liner depending if you need a moisture-wicking barrier or just poop removal strategy. 

Why Choose Esembly's Cloth Diapering System?

There are numerous benefits to choosing Esembly's cloth diapering system:

  • It's better for the environment. With Esembly, you only need 44 diapers total from birth to potty training, compared to over 6,500 disposables for just one baby. Plus, cloth diapers are reusable and can be used for multiple children, reducing waste in landfills.

  • It's better for your baby. Esembly's Inners are made of certified organic cotton, free from harmful chemicals found in many disposable diapers. This reduces the likelihood of diaper rash and other skin irritations.

  • It's more cost-effective. While the upfront cost may be more than disposables, Esembly's cloth diapering system can save families money over the long run. After purchasing the diapers and accessories, the only recurring cost is two loads of laundry per week.

Eco-Friendly Dream Team: Esembly and Lunapaca Alpaca Diapers!

You probably noticed that I didn't stock outers in my first order, partly rookie mistake and partly because I brought in the Inners to compliment the Lunapaca Cloth Diaper Cover. 

With a similar commitment to sustainability, the Esembly fitted diaper is a no-fold option that pairs seamlessly with our low-waste alpaca wool diaper cover.

The Esembly Inners are designed to be worn inside the Alpaca Diaper Cover for waterproofing and containment, creating a comfortable and eco-friendly diapering system for your baby. This offers an easy, no-fold setup is ideal for new parents, caregivers, and anyone looking for a fuss-free diapering option.

Seriously. Alpaca is fuss-free diapering at it's finest. 

What is the Esembly Try-It Kit?

If you're not ready to invest in the full Esembly diapering system just yet, the Esembly Try-It Kit is a great option. We love cloth diaper kits because they can help introduce you to a product and the concept of cloth diapering. 

You don't need the whole stash to cloth diaper, you can just start with this kit and wash as needed. A few diapers a day, or week adds up and your actions matter. 

The Esembly Try It kit includes everything a Canadian family needs to get you started and familiarized. You might not need all the extra's, but they are nice to have on hand in case you do. Plus you get to find out if Esembly's Washing Powder is really the magic cloth diaper detergent they say it is (I've heard it's awesome!).

Switch to sustainability, one diaper at a time with Esembly's Try-It Kit!

Want to try out Esembly's cloth diapering system for yourself? Check out our selection of Esembly products at Nest & Sprout.

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