Alpaca Diaper Cover | Lunapaca

Natural Front of Alpaca Diaper Cover | Lunapaca
Charcoal Front of Alpaca Diaper Cover | Lunapaca
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Child wearing Alpaca Diaper Cover | Lunapaca
Child wearing Alpaca Diaper Cover | Lunapaca
Alpaca Diaper Cover | Lunapaca

Alpaca Diaper Cover | Lunapaca

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Made from incredibly soft, 100% baby alpaca, the Lunapaca diaper cover is finally available in Canda. The only wrap-style diaper covers to be naturally hydrophobic (repels water) and antibacterial without any plastics or hassle of adding lanolin. Pair the Lunapaca diaper cover with flat diapers, most fitted diapers, or prefold diapers. 

Trim enough to wear under pants or simply pair with a t-shirt. This is a baby wardrobe staple you can use over and over again without frequent washing.

About Alpaca Wool

Alpaca is hypoallergenic and wonderful for sensitive skin. While rayon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics may cause irritation, alpaca fiber is smoother and is even softer than merino. A thermoregulating fiber, the finely woven alpaca covers will help keep your baby comfortable and support their delicate skin.

This hypoallergenic, plastic-free, natural wrap-cover is exclusive to Lunapaca. Patent Pending.

Features to the Lunapaca Diaper Cover

The Lunapaca Diaper cover is a natural fiber diapering option that provides you with an easy to use cloth diapering system. 

  • 100% baby alpaca using only non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes (or undyed).
  • Trim includes natural-rubber elastics and lead-free snaps made from 100% brass.
  • Available in three sizes, multiple colours
  • Hand-made in San Francisco, California with fabric from Peru.
  • Meets CPSC Safety Requirements.

Lunapaca Diaper Sizing

Small: 6-12 lbs

Medium: 12-20 lbs

Large: 20-35 lbs

Wash & Care for Lunapaca Diaper Cover

Soak alpaca cover in cool or warm water for 15 minutes using a gentle soap every 1-2 weeks as needed or if soiled. Air dry. No bleach.

Wash before first use.

For more tips, visit their Simple Laundry page


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Below is a guide for getting started with finding your ideal wash routine. 

1. Prewash.

A prewash is essential. This first wash removes any debris and soil so that your main wash can clean your diapers properly. Our recommendation is to start with a smaller amount of detergent and run your normal cycle with cold or warm water. 

2. Main Wash

Every machine is different, but you'll want to choose a setting that can handle heavy soil and warm/hot water. (less than 115 degrees). This is the cycle where you may feel compelled to toss in a bunch of detergent, but a normal amount for heavy soil will do the job! (Again this is a great place to refer to the recommended detergent amount on your detergent packaging.)

3. Optional Extra Rinse

Some cloth families like to run and extra rinse for peace of mind. This can help if you've experienced detergent build up in the past. 

4. Line Dry or Tumble Dry on Low

If you have the time and space to air dry, this is always preferred. But a tumble on low with wool dryer balls works too! Do not use dryer sheets.


If you're struggling with your wash routine and need help, reach out to us via email or on social media. You can also stop into Nest & Sprout for 1:1 Support and Cloth Diapering Help.  

And, remember that it's okay to supplement your cloth diapering journey with disposables. Even part time cloth families are doing wonders for the health of our environment. 

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