Veer FAQ

Can I jog or run with the Veer Cruiser?

Although the Veer Cruiser is very versatile, it was not designed for jogging or running.  For this purpose, we recommend the Switch&Jog.

Is Cruiser really all-terrain?

Most stroller wagons don't pull well, or even at all. Pulling is the most effective way to traverse up hills and on uneven terrain.

How does it maneuver?

Cruiser handles uneven terrain with ease. Larger, rugged wheels perform even better as the load gets heavier!

Is it more difficult to maneuver than a stroller?

No, it's just different. Ultimately, parents prefer it over their stroller.

Is the Cruiser lightweight?

At 32 lbs we are the lightest in our class, and lighter weight than many double strollers.

Will it fit in my trunk?

We've never seen a trunk that it cannot fit in. It even fits in a Mini!

Can multiple infant car seats be used in the Cruiser at the same time?

The Cruiser can accommodate one infant car seat with adapter. A passenger may ride seated in the second seat at the same time.

Is it suitable for infants?

Cruiser is compatible with most every major infant car seat. Add the nap system and turn it into a bassinet! At this time, we do not carry the adaptors for the infant car seats. Please request us to order it for you, or you can acquire with another retailer at your own discretion. We can order an adaptor for the following carseats: Britax, Chicco, Gracco, Cybex/Nuna/Maxi-Cosi, Peg Perego, and Uppababy. Additional adapter for the Switchback seat is also available.

How long will Cruiser last?

Kids want to ride in Cruiser well beyond their stroller years. Then, families keep their Cruiser for hauling gear.

Is it easy to clean?

Cruiser is hose-washable!

Can I purchase replacement parts for my Cruiser?

Yes, we offer a complete assortment of replacement parts to support use of your Cruiser gear over many years.