Emu Kids Winter Boots Care Guide: Keeping Your Kids' Boots Cozy and Stylish All Season Long

Considering a pair of Emu Australia's winter boots for your kids but nervous about caring for them? We know that kids winter boots get muddy and grimy, especially during the off season. So here's a few tips and tricks. Don't worry, we got you! 

One of the amazing benefits of choosing wool for your winter boots is ease of care. It can feel scary and intimidating, but it is truly simple, and as Emu Australia says in their FAQ's 

The less fuss the better, when it comes to sheepskin boots. If they get dirty, let the dirt dry and then brush it off. It's best not to wash your boots or put them in the washing machine.

Feeling like you need to fuss? Here are some practical tips on how to care for and maintain your Emu Australia winter boots for your kids this season:

Dirt and Grime Removal

The best way to handle dirt on a sheepskin boots is to let it dry and then brush it off gently. Avoid washing your boots or putting them in the washing machine, as water can damage the sheepskin and alter its texture.

For general dirt and grime removal, regularly use a suede brush on your dry boots. Brushing all over will lift away dry dirt and restore the natural pile of the suede. This simple step will help your boots maintain their appearance and keep them looking fresh.

Additional tips and suggestions for caring for Ugg Style Boots made with sheepskin and suede, can be found here on Good Housekeeping.

Protect Your Boots

To protect your brand new Emu Australia winter boots, apply a good quality spray-on suede protector. This will add a layer of waterproofing, guarding against future stains and spills. By taking this preventive measure, you can keep your boots looking newer and cleaner for longer.

Add the the Care Kit to your order as it includes everything you need to keep your boots and slippers looking their best. It contains:

  • 1x 59ml Suede Cleaner Spray
  • 1x 59ml Rain and Stain Protectant Spray
  • 1x 59ml Tea Tree Scented Refresher Spray
  • 1x Multi-faceted brush

The suede cleaner spray helps remove stubborn stains, while the rain and stain protectant spray add an extra layer of defense against the elements. The tea tree-scented refresher spray keeps your boots smelling fresh, and the multi-faceted brush helps you clean and maintain the suede texture.

Remember to test a small, discreet patch of your footwear before treating the entire shoe with the care kit.

By following these simple winter boot care tips and using Emu Australia's Care Kit, you can ensure your suede kids' winter boots stay cozy, stylish, and ready for all the winter adventures that lie ahead.