Where to find Maternity Clothes in Prince George

by Bailey Bouwman

Prince George, BC is a growing hub of Northern BC and features many fantastic boutiques to shop maternity clothing and breastfeeding-friendly clothing. Selection is always changing, and many of these Prince George maternity boutiques can be shopped online with shipping across Northern BC. 

Maternity clothing is specifically designed to be worn by pregnant people during their pregnancy. It's designed to accommodate the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, such as an expanding waistline and growing bust, while providing comfort and style. Many maternity styles are also adaptable for postpartum and to be breastfeeding friendly. 

Maternity clothes allow women to maintain a sense of personal style and feel confident and comfortable during this special time.

Where to find Maternity Clothes in Prince George

  1. Nest & Sprouthey that's us! We started off as a maternity boutique, and have expanded to carry a wider collection of baby gear. Our maternity collection is always changing with new additions and we love recommendations. We try our best to source maternity brands with inclusive sizing to a 2XL or 3XL. 
  2. Mini Moose Consignmentbased in Prince George, Mini Moose is our local consignment shop for maternity and children's wear. With new products dropping regularly, you'll want to sign up for their email list. 
  3. Everything Baby: carrying a collection of Ripe Maternity and Belly BAndit, Everything Baby brings in a variety of maternity gear and clothing to help you find comfort in your pregnancy.
  4. The K.C. Mae Boutique: specializing in maternity gown rentals, KC Mae Boutique serves new parents in Prince George with gowns and accessories for your maternity photoshoots and special events with curtsied pick up available.
  5. Facebook Marketplace
  6. Old Navy Clearance - sometimes you can find maternity returns in the clearance section of the local Old Navy
  7. Walmart - Walmart has a small collection of maternity clothing form time to time. 

Shop Regular Stores

It's no secret that the options for maternity clothes are very limited from sizing to style to just the ability for boutiques to carry a consistent size collection! 

Consider shopping with other retails shops - check clothes for stretchiness, look for empire waistlines, and the ability to grow with your body. 

Thanks for shopping maternity in Prince George, BC

Got a lead on where else to find maternity clothes in Prince George, BC? Let us know in the comments! 

This blog post highlights the availability of maternity and breastfeeding-friendly clothing in Prince George, BC; highlighting several local boutiques, including Nest & Sprout, Mini Moose Consignment, Everything Baby, and The K.C. Mae Boutique.

These boutiques offer a range of maternity clothing options and provide comfort and style to pregnant people during this special time.

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