Snow Days Unleashed: Exciting Snow Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids in Prince George, BC

by Bailey Bouwman

Winter in Northern BC is a magical transformation of brown to beautiful sparkly white snow blankets. This creates a playground of endless possibilities - or maybe just the dread of layering up your kid for a cold day.  Bust out your favourite pair of winter boots, a pair of waterproof mittens, and take on the snow! 

From building snowmen to engaging in epic snowball fights, the winter season offers a plethora of activities to keep your little ones entertained and make lasting memories. In this article, we've curated a list of 18 exciting ways to play in the snow with your kids in Northern BC communities. 

  1. Build a Snowman: Gather your little ones and create a classic snowman. Get creative with accessories like carrot noses, twig arms, and colorful scarves.

  2. Go Sledding with the Kids: Find a nearby hill or sled-friendly slope and enjoy an exhilarating ride down the snow-covered slopes.

  3. Have a Snowball Fight: Engage in some friendly family competition by organizing a lively snowball fight. Build forts and strategize your attacks.

  4. Colour the Snow: Add a burst of color to the snowy landscape by filling squeeze bottles with colored water and create beautiful designs on the snow.

  5. Skate at a Local Outdoor Rink: Strap on your skates and hit the ice at a local outdoor rink. Enjoy gliding across the frozen surface with your little ones.

  6. Take a Night Hike: Experience the enchantment of winter by taking a night hike with your kids. Bundle up, bring flashlights, and explore the snowy trails under the starry sky.

  7. Repurpose Your Sand Toys for Snow Play: Bring out your sand toys and use them to build intricate snowcastles, dig tunnels, or create snow sculptures with your little architects.

  8. Build a Snow Fort: Design and construct a snow fort together, complete with walls, windows, and even a snowball arsenal. Let your imaginations run wild.

  9. Go Skiing: Hit the slopes at a nearby ski resort and introduce your kids to the thrill of skiing. Lessons and family-friendly trails make it a fun adventure for all.

  10. Stomp through Fresh Snow: Take delight in the crunch of fresh snow beneath your feet with your favourite winter boots. Go for a winter walk and encourage your kids to stomp and make footprints along the way.

  11. Blow Bubbles on Cold Days: Experience the magic of frozen bubbles by blowing bubbles on cold winter days. Watch as they freeze and create beautiful, delicate ice spheres.

  12. Set up a Play Kitchen Outside: Bring the kitchen outdoors and let your little ones cook up imaginary snow feasts. Use bowls, spoons, and molds to create snowy culinary delights.

  13. Bring out the Trucks, Dozers, and Construction Toys: Transform the snowy landscape into a construction site. Let your kids use their trucks and dozers to build roads, tunnels, and snowy structures.

  14. Have a Scavenger Hunt with Frozen Colored Ice Cubes: Freeze colored water in ice cube trays and hide them in the snow. Challenge your kids to find the hidden cubes and collect them in a scavenger hunt.

  15. Try Tubing Instead of Sledding: For a twist on traditional sledding, try tubing. Find a local tubing hill or use an inflatable tube to slide down the snowy slopes.

  16. Make Snow Angels: Lie down in the snow and move your arms and legs to create beautiful snow angel patterns. Encourage your kids to join in the angelic fun. You'll want a n awesome baby snowsuit like this one from Jan & JUl.

  17. Hide Glow Sticks in the Snow at Night: Add an element of excitement to your winter evenings by hiding glow sticks in the snow. Let your kids search for the glowing treasures in the dark. You can also use Glo Pal Cubes.

  18. Visit a Playground: Visit a playground that's covered in snow for a unique playtime experience. Slide down snowy slides, swing in the winter breeze, and enjoy the winter wonderland. Don't forget a pair of mittens!

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