Preparing for Winter with Elementary Aged Kids: Our Approach in Prince George, BC

by Bailey Bouwman

Winters in Prince George, BC have taken on a new character in recent years, characterized by unpredictable temperature fluctuations that can leave you reaching for winter coats one week and shedding layers the next. As a parent of elementary-aged kids, it's become crucial to adapt our winter preparations to these changing conditions. In this blog post, I'll share our strategies for getting ready for winter with kids in Prince George, along with some valuable lessons we've learned along the way.

1. Ensuring Proper Footwear: One of the first steps in winter preparation is to assess the condition and fit of our kids' winter boots. With the climate's varying demands, we've found it essential to have both sturdy snow boots and waterproof rain boots on hand. This year, we opted for Emu Australia boots for their durability and comfort, ensuring our kids' feet stay warm and dry regardless of the weather.

Girl sitting next to a pair of bright pink unicorn snow boots in Prince George, BC

As your local childrens’ boutique, we have a collection of snow boots but our rain boot collection is limited. This year we’re going to do some product research and try out a few brands for coming seasons. 



2. Layering for Variable Conditions: In a climate where temperatures can swing dramatically, it's crucial to have a range of outerwear options. We organize our winter outerwear based on temperature ranges. For warmer days above 0°C, lightweight jackets, waterproof rain gloves, knit gloves, and a hat are essential. On colder days below 0°C, we turn to insulated coats, snow gloves, cozy hats, and scarves to keep our kids cozy.

This means we rely on a mix of sweaters, Therm raincoats, and Villervalla winter coats

3. Wool Socks and Comfortable Bottoms: Wool socks are a winter essential, providing extra insulation to keep little feet warm. Additionally, we've found that layering sweatpants over leggings is an effective way to combat the cold during walks to school or on chilly days. For boys, sweatpants offer greater comfort compared to denim, unless you can find fleece-lined denim.

4. The Power of a Boot Dryer: Wet gear can be a constant battle during the winter months. Thanks to a helpful tip from the Instagram community, we invested in an electric boot dryer from Costco. It proved to be a game-changer, ensuring our gear was dry and ready for the next adventure. Whether it's wet snow or accidental puddles inside the boots, a boot dryer can save the day.

5. Keeping Winter Gear Intact: Losing hats, gloves, and other winter gear can be a challenge, especially with active kids. To address this issue, we've introduced a reward system. At the end of the season, if our kids manage to keep track of their winter gear, we'll treat them to something special as a token of appreciation. This approach not only teaches responsibility but also saves us from frequent replacements.

6. Embracing Winter Activities: Winter in Prince George offers a range of exciting outdoor activities. As our kids grow, sledding has become a favorite pastime. We're excited to get back into the snow this year after an unfortunate ankle injury last season. Whether it's sledding, skiing, snowboarding, or skating, having the right layering system in place allows us to enjoy these activities without worrying about the cold.

In conclusion, preparing for winter with elementary-aged kids in Prince George requires a mix of adaptable clothing, practical tools like boot dryers, and a few creative strategies to keep winter gear intact. By staying flexible and proactive, we can make the most of the changing weather conditions and create lasting memories during the winter months.

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