Family-Friendly Dining in Prince George: A Culinary Adventure for Kids

by Bailey Bouwman

Taking your kids out for dinner can be exhausting, as a mom of two, I know this well. But I also love eating out, and it's good practice to take the kids out for a meal. From upscale establishments to hidden gems, Prince George boasts a variety of restaurants that cater to the needs of young children. If there's one thing I miss when I travel to other BC cities it's the robust collection of fantastic restaurants. Prince George really does well. 

In this blog post, we'll explore some of our favorite family-friendly dining spots in Prince George, where both parents and kids can enjoy delicious meals together. There are a few other big names that families know and love that you may also want to consider like Montana's, Denny's, and Boston Pizza - but we focused on curating a list of family friendly restuarants that give you more. 

Our Top 4 Family Friendly Restaurants in Prince George, BC

White Goose Bistro: Address: 1205 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 3E6

While the White Goose Bistro may exude an upscale vibe, it's surprisingly welcoming for families with young children. The restaurant goes above and beyond by providing crayons for coloring and customizing their menu to accommodate the preferences of little ones.  White Goose Bistro aims to create a sophisticated yet casual environment, where the menu and service work together to achieve perfect harmony.

This is where my children fell in love with seafood and ceaser wraps.

Sushi Yori: Address: 1667 15th Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 3X2

Sushi Yori has been a go-to spot for families for years, offering a warm welcome and adaptability to young children. As a Japanese restaurant with a diverse sushi menu, Sushi Yori caters to a range of tastes. The family-friendly atmosphere makes it a great place for kids to explore new flavors and enjoy a delightful dining experience.

This is where my children discovered sushi, and now insist on going regularly. I love the space inside this restaurant because it's not tiny and your kids will have a little space to flail their arms.

Betulla Burning: Address: 1253 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 3E6

Betulla Burning is a hidden gem perfect for families. The kids' menu is thoughtfully crafted, and the views of the wood-burning oven provide entertainment throughout the evening. Specializing in Italian dishes and Neapolitan-style pizzas, Betulla Burning offers a unique culinary experience in stylish surroundings that both parents and kids can appreciate.

White Spot: Address: 820 Victoria St, Prince George, BC V2L 5P1

 White Spot, a classic in British Columbia, is a family tradition for many. The pirate packs make it a hit with kids, and the restaurant excels in providing prompt service. With a variety of menu options, White Spot ensures there's something for everyone. 

I know this is a chain, but it's a BC specific memory that many of us have and might enjoy with the youngest of children without feeling too stressed about the chaos around us. 

Other notable favourite restaurants to take kids

  • Crossroads Brewery (this is a great choice during patio season)
  • Costco Foodcourt for Hotdogs
  • Mai Thai
  • Aubrees Breakfast

Whether you're looking for upscale dining or a casual family-friendly atmosphere, Prince George has a diverse range of restaurants to suit every taste. These establishments not only provide delicious meals but also create memorable experiences for families dining with young children. Enjoy your culinary adventure in Prince George!

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