Family Friendly Day Trips from Prince George

by Bailey Bouwman

Prince George is a great little Northern BC city but sometimes it’s fun to escape. Northern BC is full of many great road trips but we’re going to keep this list to things you could do in a day from Prince George with your family.

These are trips we have done in a day and some of them are better enjoyed over a weekend, but if you’re not into paying for hotels or campsites, then make the trip back home. Looking for camping ideas near and around Prince George? Check out this blog post.

Favourite Prince George Day Trips

1. Barkerville

Barkerville, British Columbia: Located about 3 hours South from Prince George the Barkerville National Historic Site is best enjoyed in two days, but easily soaked up in a day with kids with the reception centre being opened from 8am to 6:30 pm during the summer months. I know they recommend two days for a Baskerville visit, but we enjoy a full day just fine.

Bonus: if you ever see a Baskerville tent or information booth at a family event, they might have free passes, coupons, or a prize to enter. This is a great way to find a saving on park entrance.

2. Fort St. James

Fort St. James, British Columbia: Another amazing historic site located less than 3 hours Northwest from Prince George. Fort St. James National Historic Site is situated on stunning Stewart Lake and features weekend events, daily characters, and some really cool interior buildings. Arguably, this is the best historic site in Western Canada. Do not miss the opportunity to bet on the Chicken Races. 

3. The Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Park

The Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Park: about an hour to the east of Prince George on Highway 16 is The Ancient Forest a protected inland rainforest. The trail can get busy on nice summer days with a variety of loops and options depending on how long of a visit you want to make it. The trail is wood plank but not suitable for strollers as there are a fair number of steps and stairs.

 There is one portion (15 minutes or so) that is wheelchair accessible to the waterfall view.

This is a fantastic hike to do with a few mom friends or with visitors from town. You can get it done in about two hours with little feet, and pick your own pace. It can get busy during the summer months. Do not forget to pack bug spray, hats, and snacks. Definitely all the snacks, including more water in the car for when you get back. 

4. Hunt for Waterfalls

Chase Waterfalls: the list of waterfalls is far more extensive, but there are plenty of falls from War Falls to Hixon Falls to Greer Creek that make excellent day trips for eager family adventurers from Prince George.

  • Hixon Falls (accessibility declining)
  • Greer Creek Falls (Near Vanderhoof)
  • War Falls (North to Mackenzie)

Don't forget to be prepared!

You don't need much to go on a day trip, but you do need a few things. We recommend a bottle of Care Plus Bug Repellant, Jan & Jul Sun Hats, and a swim suit (of course).  Visit us at Pine Centre Mall to prepare for your local day trip. We can't wait to continue to bring in must-haves for taking on adventures with kids.

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