Why we don't carry cheaper maternity leggings

by Bailey Bouwman

The story of cheap maternity clothes - because I know you want them cheaper. We've been trying our best to keep our maternity basics in stock, but we know the face, we understand the cost of living crisis - but increasingly we can't afford to go cheaper if we want to stay in business, and trust in our products.

I found some maternity leggings for $12 wholesale from a random brand. The recommended in store price is $27.50. I’ll pack 18 pairs to meet my minimum, for a total cost of $200 plus $45 to ship, and $45 in import taxes, $45 in brokerage fees.

18 pairs of leggings for $335 Canadian, conservatively.

Now with low cost brands, I generally expect to loose 1-3 pairs due to quality defects. So let’s say 16 pairs, that works out to $20.93 per pair wholesale cost to me.

Generally, we’ll double that  to cover rent, insurance, payroll, and the million other expenses in my day— so that cheap pair of $12 leggings is now $45. And, I’m a consumer too, I’m looking at those leggings and saying “those are $12 leggings, who the fuck does she think she is?”

So. I don’t carry cheap leggings, or cheap maternity clothes because when you walk into a boutique you expect a certain level of quality. And same as a shop owner.

We’ve experimented with cheaper products but they are always more costly for me to carry - they are more likely to be refunded because of poor wear and tear, they are more likely to sit for months because of poor fit and comfort, and they are more likely to just not be it. 


Sometime this year, we will be relocating and we look to provide and expand into maternity consignment. You can currently shop maternity consignment at Mini Moose. We hope by offering it as well, you’ll have more choice to shop for maternity in Prince George and Northern BC. 

For now, we rely on a few higher priced maternity leggings because they've done us well for over 5 years.

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