Why is maternity clothing so expensive?

by Bailey Bouwman
TBH. Its MORE EXPENSIVE for me to source 'bump-friendly' clothing, or 'nursing-friendly' styles, than for me to shop directly with the maternity and nursing brands that I do shop with. It's more of a boutique price tag, than a maternity price tag. 😘
As a new business owner, I looked around and wondered "can I do this cheaper?"
And I can, but I wouldn't be proud to carry that in store. Seriously, some of the products priced at less than $10 per item wholesale, is not quality you buy at a boutique. We're never going to compete with the direct to consumer model done by factories on cheap fashion sites. You just can't expect that from a boutique because we have margins to cover and reputation to hold ground to. Sometimes we'll bring mediocre products, but then you'll probably notice we never make that mistake again. 
And I also can't, because sometimes the same dress at a different vendor is actually more expensive. I was looking at a few of the general vendors for general boutiques, and like the prices are the same - except that I would need to hire a pregnant model to take all new stock photos. I should take my own stock photos, but skipping that step right now helps keep us growing as a Brick & Mortar.
I know it feels like the world of maternity and nursing clothes has an extra 'this time of your life' fee added to it, but it's not really as drastic as you might perceive it to be. The costs in store can feel high, but it does have shipping, duties, and exchange rate all wrapped into that little tag. It's amazing how many people along the way want a piece of that price - That $50 is distributed between so many hands in an incredibly long supply chain.
I'm not here to keep secrets or profit of your a stage in your life. I'm here to provider an option - you don't have to take it, and there are so many fantastic ways to make your wardrobe work for your, or source maternity clothes on a budget. 

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