Which Cadenshae Bra Is Right for You?

by Bailey Bouwman

As a Canadian retailer for Cadenshae, we regularly stock their nursing bra’s because they are incredibly phenomenal – but just like any other nursing bra collection, there are options. So many options. Options are awesome because somewhere in that collection is the best nursing bra for you, but you gotta figure out how to find that bra first.

What we kind of love the most about Cadenshae Bra’s is that they are a multi-fit design, that gives you some flexibility in not knowing your exact size. They generally fit true to size, and follow for cup size recommendations in each bra type.

Here’s some basics on the different types of Cadenshae Bra’s and which one you might consider giving a whirl for your postpartum journey.



The Everyday bra from Cadenshae is the quintessential bra for the pregnant and newborn stage. This bra is incredibly comfortable and quickly a fan favourite for new parents as it’s versatile for the day-to-day of early motherhood. It’s perfect for sleeping in, or with a little tightening of the straps and band, you’re good to go for some light to moderate exercise too. Best suited for A - E cup sizes.

Why we love the Everyday Bra

Much like the popular My Necessity, the Every Day bra is a fantastic choice for new parents giving you the support you want, and the comfort in the bra. We love the molded cups of this sports bra, and the overall comfortable fit.



The Fit2Feed from Cadenshae is a great choice for when you finally feel like getting out and about with your wee one. You can do any type of work out in this bra, i.e. walking, CrossFit, weights, yoga, running...whatever you fancy! This bra is particularly awesome for high intensity training (in fact customers have run 'ultra marathons' in this bra)! The Fit2Feed sits nicely under tanks and the racerback design is not only extremely supportive, but stylish too! This bra is best suited for B - E cup sizes. 

Why we love the Fit2Feed Bra

The Fit2Feed Bra from Cadenshae has been one of our best-selling breastfeeding bras giving women the size, comfort, and support they desperately seek in a product that can help them take on the day. The molded cups, sleek design, and all over support keeps this bra flying off the shelf faster than we can keep it in. Sorry if it’s sold out.



The Smoothie Crop Bra from Cadenshae is another great option for women with a little 'less,' but can also support the 'big girls' too! It's soft, silky and provides a supportive fit that can be used for low to moderate exercise, plus you can sleep in this one, yay! It's specially designed to fit mothers with small breasts and grow with them as their bust and under bust changes throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Suitable for A - F cup sizes. 

Why we love the Smoothie Crop Bra:

The smoothie crop bra is a fantastic choice if your’e considering a water birth, or looking for a water friendly bra during this period of your life. The smoothie crop bra has been loved by many new moms for it’s classic all day comfort and soft silky feel.



The Evolve Bra is another super-stylish crossover nursing sports bra which has been specially made to show off underneath your favourite tops, while making working out and breastfeeding a breeze. It's made with a thick under bust band to provide extra support, and the crossover straps follow the shape of the Rise up Tanks you look and feel great when exercising or getting out and about in the sunshine! Designed for B-F cup sizes.

Why we love the Evolve Bra

This crossover strap bra is a silky-smooth bra with a thick under bust band for ultimate support. We love how this bra pairs with the Rise Up Tanks and all around versatility for the day-to-day.


The Ultimate Bra is just that, the ultimate. It's designed for women with a bigger bust (size DD + to G) and it has all the bells and whistles. Wide padded straps, custom foam moulded cups for a great shape and perfect fit, and an optional racerback conversion clip so you can wear this bra under any type of top. Great for any type of exercise and it really does hold 'the girls' in place. No more doubling up on bras, we've got you covered!

Why we love the Ultimate Bra

The Ultimate Bra is a beautiful molded cup bra that is fantastic not just for your next adventure but for life under a t-shirt. This bra definitely fits the bigger cup sizes, so if you’re not a DDD, maybe skip it for something else.


Next we have the the superhero nursing bra for moms with big breasts - the Luxe Bra from Cadenshae. This is the bra you were hoping someone would one day make! Well we have! The gorgeous Luxe Bra is for those who have H to J cups. It's a colourful, fun, stylish and discreet plus size nursing bra which provides all the comfort and support you need for any activity...finally!

Why we love the Luxe Bra?

Finally a supportive bra for our big boobie parents looking for the support, molded cups, and sizing they need. It’s not everyday you find a bra in cups past an H, so this bra is a must-have for our big chested parents.

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