When Do You Buy Maternity Clothes?

by Bailey Bouwman

Short answer. Whenever the heck you want.

There’s no steadfast rule on when you need to start wearing maternity clothing.

If you are excited and want to jump right into starting a maternity wardrobe, do it! Here's a few must-have essentials for building your maternity wardrobe - when you are ready. And don't worry, on a budget? We'd love to show you how to do it on a budget!

Some women feel really bloated in the first few weeks and find heavenly relief wearingmaternity pants or belly bands that give the room they need.

Breasts getting full on week 8? Throw on a cute, yet simple maternity top (like these adorable Hello Miz ones!) and get some wiggle room in your clothes.

Most women find themselves shopping for maternity clothes around 12 weeks

– don’t worry if you start earlier, EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT.

Honestly I can’t stress that enough. The way your bump grows will be completely unique to you. If you’re feeling the pinch, tug and pull of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe… grab some maternity clothes and get comfy!

Happy mama, happy baby!

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