What is the best bra to wear when breastfeeding?

by Bailey Bouwman

The best bra to wear when breastfeeding is a nursing bra that is wire free, stretchy, and with a drop-down fastener. This type of bra should have some stretch to it to accommodate changing breast and body shape and encourage milk flow.

Our recommendation at Nest & Sprout to most moms looking for the best bra to wear when breastfeeding bra post-birth is the Hot Milk Lingerie My Necessity. This simple multi-fit nursing bralette is a wire free, seamless, fit that can change up to three cup sizes. With an extra set of size adjusters, there is ultimate flexibility in sizing letting you adjust it as your rib cage settles.

3 Things to Look for in a Nursing Bra

  1. How does it provide nursing access?

  2. What is the structure of the bra?

  3. How does it stretch and hold the breast?

How does it provide nursing access?

Is it a snap-down, or a v-neck where you pull out a breast, and how will that fit you and your body? You want to look for a product that will fit you.

What is the structure of the bra?

There are many ways a nursing bra is built so that it doesn’t fall apart when yo let down the cup. A side sling is common in many sleep bra’s providing a piece of fabric connecting the strap to the band. Another common structure is an a-frame, that has a two panels that go from the strap to the band, each running along the breast to form a v pointing down, or an A-shape. This is a little more structure and support. And some just have a pull away access.

How does it stretch and hold the breast?

Ideally, you want to look for a wire-free option during your early breastfeeding months, and for there to be some stretch and give that can accommodate your changing cup size. For some breastfeeding parents, the breast will change many sizes during the day and weeks around birth, as the milk glands adapt and learn what they are doing. Finding success in breastfeeding ensures that these milk glands are giving the space to do their job. Bra’s that are too tight or restrict the glands may cause mastitis or limit milk production.

Benefits of choosing My Necessity Bra – a seamless nursing bra

The My Necessity nursing bra is a must-have for breastfeeding moms because of it’s wide sizing range offering a breastfeeding bra that fits XXL, with both regular (up to a DDD) and full cup options. This nursing bra is a go-to choose for its size range and comfort. This bra fits true to size and so many of our parents love the added support and comfort. 

  • Full cup coverage with removable contour cup
  • Side-sling skin on skin contact nursing support
  • Wirefree cup support
  • One-handed drop down nursing clips
  • 6 hook and eye fasteners

As your milk begins to settle in, and your breastfeeding journey continues, you can begin to consider adding other styles of nursing bras to your wardrobe. These sized cups offer flex wire, shaped cups, and decorative designs to empower you in your lingerie journey. 

What is the best bra to wear when breastfeeding once your milk is settled?

Once you find yourself out of fourth trimester and your milk is beginning to settle, your breast shape is not fluctuating as drastically, and your rib cage starts settling down, we want you to find a comfortable bra that empowers you to be the incredible human you are.

With so many nursing bra’s to choose from, choose the one that is comfortable and suits you as a person. You want to feel beautiful, not like you’re compromising.

We bring in a selection of bras from Hot Milk Lingerie and Cadenshae to help you find the support, comfort, and style that fits your lifestyle best.

 For some parents the sleep bra will be their go-to choose for years, but for others you may find yourself inclined to add a t-shirt bra or something a little seductive to your wardobe. OR maybe you just need a bra to run in. Just because your breastfeeding, doesn’t mean you need to be boring. You can find comfort and beauty in your nursing journey.

How many bras do I need when breastfeeding?

Grab at least two bras!
One for washing, one for wearing. You’re going to put some mileage on this bra with cluster feeding and learning to nurse. So grab a backup for when the other is in the wash. You can also consider adding a nursing tank to your collection.

The My Necessity camisole offers the same benefits and support, but in a classic camisole fit. This is a great way to do the ‘two-shirt’ method when breastfeeding and continue to wear your every-day clothes. Simply pull the shirt up, drop down the nursing tank, and breastfeed. Your belly is covered, and your style stays the same. And yes, the Hot Milk My Necessity Camisole is available in plus sizes with a XXL giving you coverage and comfort.


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