Unwrap Joy: Olli Ella's Holiday Collection & Local Treasures Await at Nest & Sprout!

by Bailey Bouwman
This week, we eagerly received our shipment of the 2023 Limited Holiday Collection from Olli Ella. We're excited to welcome a these adorable lovey's to our shop at Pine Centre Mall for the holiday season - note, we didn't order the entire collection. We wont have the seasonal See Ya Suitcase or see ya Wash bags.


Why Olli Ella?

At Nest & Sprout, we believe in the magic of ethically crafted, quality products that stand the test of time. Olli Ella, a certified B Corp, shares our commitment to ethical manufacturing, ensuring your little one's playtime contributes to a brighter world. This continues to be one of the key driving factors in sourcing so many of our brands and products.

Unwrap Joy: Olli Ella's Holiday Collection Makes Nest & Sprout the Ultimate Gift Destination!

I think what I love most about this holiday season is the subtle-ness of the holiday vibe. Together, you see and fall in love with the Christmas aesthetic, but separate, they are just loveable dolls your kids will fall in love with all year long. It's green dinkum, a red dinkum, or a bunny with special ears. Nonetheless, join me in meeting this special holiday collection now available in Prince George, BC CANADA.
Last winter both Cozy Dinkums & Dozy Dinkums dolls were a huge hit! Unlike the full size Dinkum Dolls, these dolls have a 0+ rating and are perfect introduction to baby dolls for your youngest. They are also adored and loved by your bigger kids. We find that many grandparents love to gift a Dozy to little boys for their first birthday and the Cozy's are easily loved by every passing child.

Cozy Dinkums - Bunny Twiggy & Bunny Twinkle:

Imagine a holiday season filled with warmth and cuddles! Meet Bunny Twiggy and Bunny Twinkle, the limited-edition Cozy Dinkums designed to infuse the holidays with magic. These poseable wonders are crafted from the softest plush outer, ensuring cuddles that begin from birth last well into the future.

Every intricate detail, from their embroidered faces to the heartwarming rainbow, reflects Olli Ella's dedication to quality. Packaged in a soft cotton bag, these Cozy Dinkums make for a delightful stocking surprise and a cherished keepsake for your little one's first Christmas.

Dozy Dinkums - Pudding, Pie & Custard:

Prepare for even more snuggles with the limited-edition Dozy Dinkums – Pudding, Pie, and Custard! Posable and boasting the softest cotton outer, these darlings are designed to be adored from birth, making them the perfect stocking surprise and a keepsake to celebrate that first magical Christmas.

Carefully embroidered and packaged in a soft cotton bag, these Dozy Dinkums are gently weighted for added comfort and lightweight for endless play and cuddles.

 Olli Ella Holidya Dozy Dinkum Dolls at Nest & Sprout in Canada


Hear What Local Families Love About Dinkum Dolls:

But what's truly stealing the show this holiday season? Dinkum Dolls – the perfect gift for your young children, cherished by families throughout Prince George. Our local families testify to the irresistible charm of these dolls, making them an ideal holiday companion for boys and girls alike.

For baby boys, Dozy Dinkums have become the go-to choice for a first doll. With their dozy heads, added weight, and adorable design, they've proven to be a delightful and enduring gift.

Not to be outdone, Cozy Dinkums continue to capture the hearts of our animal-loving little ones with their plush and huggable designs. These timeless treasures are adored by all ages, making them a perfect addition to the holiday festivities.

Join the Local Tradition:

Join the local tradition of gifting the magic of Dinkum Dolls this holiday season. Let the love and joy they bring become a cherished part of your family's celebrations. Visit us at Pine Centre Mall, where local treasures blend seamlessly with the enchanting offerings from Olli Ella. Together, let's make this holiday season truly special. Your joy awaits at Nest & Sprout!

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