10 Maternity Must-Haves for Summer 2021

by Bailey Bouwman

Nest & Sprout Maternity is preparing for something incredibly exciting in October 2021. To make that happen, we first need to soak in the delightful days of summer. Dressing for a summer pregnancy can be challenging because of hot flashes, changing weather, and that general sense of uncomfortableness from the bloat, swelling feet, and growing baby inside you. Did I just make pregnancy sound terrible? It’s not that bad, you can pull out a plastic pool, grab a slushie, and just put your feet out.

Building a Spring Maternity Wardrobe

To make it through the summer months, it’s key you invest in a few essentials. Nest & Sprout Maternity strongly believes that right clothes can make you feel incredible and help give you back that important spark in your life. Build your summer wardrobe by investing in at least one pair of maternity shorts, and a few comfortable dresses. Everything else is nice-to have. The best thing about most maternity clothes is they are adaptable and accessible for the post partum period. And for many of us, we’ll continue to wear our maternity shorts for years to come as our bodies change and adapt. We know that Canadian summers are short. It might just be 8-12 weeks of warm enough of shorts. When your done with your summer maternity clothes, touch base with us to consign. Our maternity consignment continues to grow as we ship maternity wear across Canada to be reunited with new parents in need of comfortable clothes. We have easy local pick up for maternity consignment in Prince George.

Maternity Must-Haves for Summer 2021

Now, if you have followed Nest & Sprout for some time, you’ll know that I’m not big on having it all and love to support you and feel empowered in whatever size your wardrobe is. That’s why we’ve only recommended three pieces for your maternity wardrobe, but if your budget for new clothes is a little bigger here’s a few amazing pieces from our spring collection to build your maternity wardrobe. I’ve also included a few must-have essentials that are available all year round.    

Maternity Shorts for Summer 2021

Cuffed Maternity Bermuda Shorts

Perfect for the cooler days and the warmer days, these Bermuda Shorts offer a full maternity panel for all day comfort with a growing belly. You’ll love this classic style for dressing up or dressing down.

Made in the USA with just enough stretch, 2% spandex, for a pregnant summer.

Shorter Maternity Shorts

Bermuda Shorts feel too highschool 2000s for you? opt for a shorter denim maternity short. Available in different denim shades and with a belly panel, these options will give you the summer comfort you’re looking for. 

Active Wear Maternity Shorts

These Cadenshae shorts are highly sought after all-year because of their all-over comfort for both summer days and fitness class. These easy-breezy comfortable shorts give you full coverage during pregnancy and support in the post-partum. Enjoy chasing toddlers or hitting up the local beach with Cadenshae Flex Shorts. They even have pockets!

Maternity Dresses for Summer 2021

A Floral Dress

Don’t miss out on adding a floral dress to your summer maternity wardrobe this year. 

Our collection of summer maternity dresses offers an elegant and beautiful addition that will give you the comfort of a romper but with the ease of going pee. These dresses will take you through a summer pregnancy or postpartum period as a great staple to dress up or just be comfy.

A Maxi Dress

We love a maxi dress for it’s all over comfort. When you wear a maxi dress, you just feel like you can do anything and be anyone. You can go to the Farmers Market, the Beach, backyard BBQ, and even feel that business-casual at work. Maxi dresses are an incredibly versatile choice not only for where you go but for how your baby grows.Maxi Dresses also provide post-partum versatility giving you nursing accessibility and adapting to your body as it shifts.

Maternity Shirts for Summer 2021

Go Sleeveless

Feel the sun on your shoulders and ditch the sleeves this summer. These maternity shirts are made with your postpartum shape in mind. They’ve been adapted to bigger bust sizes and offer side seam access for breastfeeding. Wear these popular tops through your summer pregnancy, and pair with a stylish cardigan for post-partum warmth this winter.

Go Floral

Is floral too spring? Or is floral just the right amount of summer delight? We love florals for summer and light tops like this soft and sweet floral print maternity and nursing top will have you feeling as comfortable as you can this summer.

Don't forget a Bra for Summer 2021

There are so many reasons to invest in a new bra for your pregnancy, but we’d to add that for a summer pregnancy a comfortable bra is the perfect accessory for all-day comfort at home. 

Be Campfire Ready

It might be summer, but it’s still cool in the mornings and chilly around the campfire. The Cadenshae Casual Hoodie is a must-have maternity essential that is perfect all-year and for post partum.  

Casual Hoodie

These Cadensahe hoodies are one of the newest additions to our maternity and breastfeeding collection and a must-have basic for your wardrobe. They give you that added warmth during the spring day or a summer night. We love the stretch, the breastfeeding access, and simplicity of these hoodies and think you will be in love with them.

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