10 Maternity Must-Haves for Spring 2021

by Bailey Bouwman

Nest & Sprout Maternity is based in Prince George, BC, and at the end of March the snow begins to melt, and there is hope for spring. There’s something about +5C in the spring that just feels like flip flops and capris, unlike +5C in the Fall which is more like sweaters and boot weather.

As the seasons change, so do many wardrobes. I know that I am pulling out my sweaters, tucking away my big coats, and eyeing up the return of romper season. This Spring we are excited to be stocking a new brand - Cadenshae from New Zealand - as part of our spring launch, but we also have some incredible new pieces to help you embrace your Spring pregnancy and summer postpartum period.

Building a Spring Maternity Wardrobe

The wonderful thing about maternity clothes is that for many people they are more than just the 9 months you are pregnant but also for the weeks and months of postpartum. Many bodies take time to recover after birth, and as such you may continue to wear stretchy pants and loose shirts during this time of transition. And, if you are considering breastfeeding or pumping, maternity clothes are most often designed with nursing in mind with stretchy necklines or breastfeeding access points. This allows the maternity wardrobe to also be your breastfeeding wardrobe. 

When we think about building your spring wardrobe, we are also thinking about what you’ll wear during your summer pregnancy or summer postpartum period. The May Long Weekend will be hre before you know it. Think about layering pieces that you can easily cool you down during a hot summer day but also keep you warm during the spring transition.  

10 Maternity Must-Haves for Spring 2021

Now, if you have followed Nest & Sprout for some time, you’ll know that I’m not big on having it all and love to support you and feel empowered in whatever size your wardrobe is. That’s why we’ve only recommended three pieces for your maternity wardrobe, but if your budget for new clothes is a little bigger here’s a few amazing pieces from our spring collection to build your maternity wardrobe. I’ve also included a few must-have essentials that are available all year round.    

A Kimono Jump Suit

This Hello Miz Jumpsuit is Made in the USA, adaptable from pregnancy to breastfeeding, and even admired by non-pregnant mamas because of it’s comfortable modal rayon material and timeless fit. Yes, you gotta pull the whole thing off to go pee, but the best thing about a romper is ultimate comfort because there's no bands digging into your belly, and no fussing with shirt lengths - it just is. I love a romper when I just don't want to be touched by anything, including my clothing. 

Rather something a little more basic? Check out this black romper.

A Floral Dress

Don’t miss out on adding a floral dress to your spring maternity wardrobe this year. 

Our collection of spring maternity dresses offers an elegant and beautiful addition that will give you the comfort of a romper but with the ease of going pee. These dresses will take you through a summer pregnancy or postpartum period as a great staple to dress up or just be comfy.

T-Shirt Dress

The T-Shirt Dress is making a comeback this year and is a fantastic way to show off your bump in an incredibly casual way. Pair with sneakers and you’re comfortable for days. These dresses are available in two colours and make for a show stopping comfy pregnancy this spring. 

Drop Shoulder Maternity Shirt

These Hello Miz drop shoulder maternity shirts are a classic addition to any maternity wardrobe. The new spring colours bring delight into the new season, but these are classic shirts for every pregnancy regardless of the season. Pair them with a classic tank top for a two-shirt access point during breastfeeding. 

Classic White Tank Top

It’s not a classic spring maternity wardrobe without a classic tank top. The Momzelle maternity tank pairs with everything and will take you from winter to summer with comfort and ease. There’s limited stock available; you can check out our selection of tanks and tees to find a choice that works best for you.

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Lynx Leggings

The Lynx Legging from New Genes Maternity is a must-have regardless of the season ,but the new spring colours make a fun addition to any wardrobe. Pair these with the casual hoodie or drop shoulder maternity shirt and you’ll be comfortable and ready to chase a toddler this spring.


If leggings aren't your thing, you’ll need a pair of these Brushed Terry Maternity sweatpants. This is the perfect work at home during a global pandemic attire, or maybe just hitting up the grocery store for your favourite pregnancy cravings. Featuring a belly panel for added pregnancy support and comfort, along with a drawstring waist, these pants will have you finally feeling relaxed this pregnancy. 

Burrow Hoodie

These are going fast this spring! This plush hoodie is just perfect as we transition from winter to spring giving you belly comfort today and breastfeeding access tomorrow.   Pair with the new genes leggings. 

Casual Hoodie

These Cadensahe hoodies are one of the newest additions to our maternity and breastfeeding collection and a must-have basic for your wardrobe. They give you that added warmth during the spring day or a summer night. We love the stretch, the breastfeeding access, and simplicity of these hoodies and think you will be in love with them. 

New Bra

A nursing bra as a seasonal must-have!

Why yes, because we can’t have you hating on your breasts during your spring pregnancy. Thanks to growing a baby, many parents experience a widening chest, growing breasts, and changing body shapes. Your current bras may no longer fit, and it’s time to consider something that doesn’t dig in or give you a back ache.

We just brought in the Cadenshae nursing bras and they make a fantastic bridge from pregnancy body to post-partum body with their stretch and overall fit and design. Learn more why about Cadenshae maternity and nursing clothing.

Spring Maternity is Fun & Classic for All Year  

I love that this year’s spring fashions feel timeless. Many of these pieces are fantastic to wear all year round, and during your next pregnancy regardless of the season. These are items that can be dressed up or down, can be made warmer or cooler, and an overall staple to any wardrobe. 


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