Shopping for Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothing

by Bailey Bouwman

The search for breastfriendly-friendly clothes that you can nurse in can be challenging. Finding the right mix of style, comfort and access is critically important to you feeling good. We get that, and shopping for breastfeeding clothes can feel overwhelming, but the right clothes can help improve your confidence and support you with breastfeeding. 

Rachelle and I were just chatting about this and whether we should create a breastfeeding section of the store where you'll find all the accessible tops and dresses... but so many of these clothes are also designed for maternity and postpartum bodies. Creating these defined categories is a bit of blur between this and that. If you're shopping online, just visit our nursing section. 

But don't worry, we got a few tips to help you shop for breastfeeding friendly clothing in our store, and others. If you haven't already, don't forget to check out our previous blog post about what makes breastfeeding clothes so special. We also talk about the different styles of breastfeeding clothing including zippers, tulips, and other access point styles

Tips for Shopping Breastfeeding-Friendly Tops In Store at Nest & Sprout Maternity 

Look for these Breastfeeding Tags

We use these small brown tags on the hangers of most items in our store to indicate that an item is breastfeeding friendly, meaning it was designed with the intent to give you access or coverage where you need it.

If you're shopping online, just view our breastfeeding collection for easy access to all the best products designed for Nursing parents. 

Look for these styles of clothing

Sometimes our breastfeeding friendly tags go missing, so when that happens you can take a look around the store and check out the accessibility of tops. These styles of clothing apply to almost any store, and you can go visit other stores in Pine Center Mall with this in mind. 

  • V Necklines provide easy access for feeding or pumping.
  • Strechy Necks often allow you to pull the shirt down and under to provide access.
  • Zipper access along the mid-torso
  • Layered Shirts that have a top flap that can be lifted up
  • Flowy tops designed to work using a two-shirt method.
  • Snap Down Straps (bra's and tank tops)
  • Sleeve access (tank top designs)

Any shirt can be a breastfeeding shirt with the right stretch and design. There's a few things that just don't work like shirts with small neck openings or clothing that has a lot of structure. But if you think you can tug, stretch or make it work, it can and will work. 

Add a basic to make any top work

Basics refers to an adjustable tank top, especially a nursing tank top. Some parents use just any tank top, but many prefer one with an clip or flap that allows the clothing item to move out of the way easier.

Tank tops are typically pair with a shirt of your choice for a two-shirt method. This two-shirt method allows you to lift up the top shirt (a regular shirt), drop the tank top on one side, and provide feeding access, as needed. This gives you additional coverage of your torso that is typically more comfortable.

You can also do this without a tank top.
Or if you love a high waisted pant from your pregnancy, they can work to provide extra torso coverage.

Don't forget a Nursing Bra

Feel supported and comfortable with the addition of a nursing bra to your wardrobe. These essential items provide easy access through snap-down straps providing access to the breast with less wear and tear.

We carry a selection of Cadenshae bra's including extended plus sizes, push-up and more. We look forward to continuing to expand our selection of nursing bra's to support you with your breastfeeding journey. Most recently, we stocked Hot Milk Bra's in Canada, to bring you one of the largest nursing bra collections in Canada.


Rachelle's Favourite: Cadenshae 

Our Cadenshae hoodies are not only a fan favourite for breastfeeding parents, but also beloved by Rachelle, the owner of Nest & Sprout Maternity in Pine Centre Mall. This sleek classic hoodie design is made with the softest Terry that provides easy access by a hidden zipper locates across the breast, in the upper torso. They are perfect for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. The Cadenshae hoodie is also available in numerous colours including Khaki, Navy, and Striped.

Bailey's Favourite: Up/Down Tops

During the time I breastfed two babies I enjoyed necklines that stretch and the midline access - where it's like a flap between the top and bottom. This is most common on our Momzelle collection, but there's a few other pieces in store that feature it. 

Right now, I'm really crushing on the Ripe dress featured below and love that it offers full coverage so that I'm not cold and when someone snaps a picture it doesn't look like I'm naked. But you have to stop in and browse the selection to find your personal style. 


Tell us your favourite nursing top or dress in the comments below. 

Nest & Sprout Maternity's Special Touch

I spend lots of time selecting styles and designs that will still fit and flatter you well after pregnancy. That stretch and ruching that grew with your beautiful bump, will also shrink with you. It’s unlikely you will hop back in to your pre-pregnancy clothes the week after baby. No one but you (maybe your partner) is going to know you are rocking those maternity clothes months after baby while your body settles and shifts back to normal… whatever normal is.

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