September 2022: NOW HIRING

by Bailey Bouwman
We're looking for the next person to join our team at Nest & Sprout in Pine Centre Mall.
With back to school schedules, we're looking to fill short shifts on Monday/Tuesday till 6pm, and a Thursday 4pm to 8pm shift - for a total of about 7-10/hours per week. Will need to be available over the holiday season, and opportunity to pick up more hours in 2023
You don't need any retail experience, just enthusiasm and passion to communicate and support people in finding the right solution to their needs - the ability to ask questions, to listen, and to know our inventory to find the right product for them.
We help pregnant people find comfortable clothes, nursing parents find the right bra, and grandparents buy gifts for the newest members of their family.
Interested? DM the shop, or email me at
Don't have a resume, or maybe a pandemic gap? Be sure to write to me to let me know why you're interested in the position and how you'll be an addition to the team. I know we have a post on Indeed, but I'm locked out of the account.... so, I haven't been able to respond to applicants in there or remove the posting.

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