Why We Love Baby Gowns - and you should too

by Bailey Bouwman

The Baby Gown, both it's traditional form and as a knotted baby gown, is an under appreciated item of baby wear. These simple clothing items are not only cute, but incredibly practical choice when taking care of a new baby.

5 Reasons We Love Baby Gowns

  • Simple sizing.
  • Easy Diaper Changes
  • Less Irritations
  • Picture Perfect
  • That something special gift

1. Simple Sizing

Stop trying to put tiny clothes on a tiny baby. Women might know the simplicity of tossing on a dress, the same applies for knotted baby gowns.  With a gown the short and fat babies, skinny and long babies - they all fit because it's just a gown, and not tight fitting shirts, pants, and sleepers.

Baby Gowns are also fantastic for cloth diapering because they have room for bulky one-size diapers, or even chunky fitted diapers. Gowns fit all shapes and size babies with comfort, zero restriction and all the body movement freedom you could ask for. 

2. Easy Diaper Changes

With a knotted baby gown there's no pulling out legs or fussing with fasteners. Simply untie a knotted baby gown, and pull the gown up for a diaper change. This makes for easy comfortable diaper changes on babies.

3. Less Irritations

New baby skin is in need of gentle care and many synthetics and seams can irritate the baby skin. Gowns provide a simple garment free of tags, close fitting seams, and are often made with natural fibres for ultimate

4. Picture Perfect

There's no denying how picture perfect a newborn gown is - these simple outfits provide an instagram-worthy, memory making moment for newborn photos, and cherishing the early days of babyhood. 

5. The Perfect Gift

We like to think the perfect gift is the things that feel frivolous to new parents, but somehow are essential and life changing. Whether it's the perfect cuddly like the Cuddle + Kind dolls that give your baby their next best friend, or a baby gown that offers easy breast clothing during the first few weeks of baby hood - baby gowns are a timeless essential that new parents come to enjoy for weeks, and maybe years. 

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