New Product: Itty Bitty Baby

by Bailey Bouwman

Nest & Sprout is becoming more than just your one-stop shop for maternity and breastfeeding clothing, and moving into options for your little sprout. Over the past few weeks, we've worked with local makers like Bulldog Wrinkle and Darned Kids. We've brought in beautiful diaper bags, lotions and potions, and a selection of towels and swaddles.

But, most important of all that is our newest collection from Itty Bitty Baby providing a wide selection of baby clothes including NICU friendly wraps and premie outfits. 


About Itty Bitty Baby

Founded in 1995, Carol Spain sewed dozens of onesies for a close friend who had triplets.  Together, Carol and Richard Little set out to learn more about the retail industry and designed a line of NICU, preemie and infant clothing made here in Canada. 

Based out of Manitoba, Itty Bitty Baby products are made with 100% custom cotton, offer a selection of in house embroidery and printing. They continue to be a family owned business seeking to guarantee the highest quality products for families.

NICU Friendly Wrap Sets

We've brought in the NICU wrap set to Prince George to provide families with easy access to something that works for their  pre-term 3-5lb babies born at 26-34 weeks. 

These wraps are tag free, NICU approved, and keep infant warm while promoting mother infant bonding in the NICU environment. They are made of 100% cotton (excluding the beanie) and made in Canada. 

the NICU Wrap provides a practical solution for premie parents of Prince George.

Fleece Footies

Cozy fleece footies available in premie and infant sizes gives your little one a cozy soft-polar fleece outfit for Canadian nights.

These fleece footies feature sipper design, ribbed cuffs, and made in Canada. Also in size 1 month for babies 5-8lbs.

Cotton Footies

These cotton layettes are made with USA grown cotton and sewn in Canada. Available in preterm sizing for babies 3-5lbs, the cotton footies is a breathable one-piece that prevents heat rash and keeps baby comfortable all day long.

Features a front opening for easy changes, quality snaps, and long lasting design with a beanie.

Now Available at Pine Centre Mall

Shop the full selection of Itty Bitty Baby items at our Pine Centre Mall storefront in Prince George. You can check out these items, and many more first hand to ensure the baby in your life is comfortable and cozy.

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